Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Kabuto

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Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Kabuto (GE-04)



A whole lot of accessories

Even comes with display bases for each figure.

In a different style for the series, the Masked Riders have two forms, and exterior armor called “Masked Form”.

Cast Off!

… and the real armor called “Rider Form”.

The effect when the Rider uses “Cast Off” is that the external parts of the Masked form explode, hitting every enemy near him. Very cool.

Kabuto has an axe weapon called the “Kabuto Kunai Gun” which also houses a hidden dagger weapon.

Rider Kick – In a different take on the classic finishing move, Kabuto executes a standing spinning roundhouse kick instead of the standard old school flying kick finisher.

Despite being the main hero for the series, Kabuto is incredibly arrogant and can be somewhat rude at times. One of his favorite victory poses is this one…

… where he points to the sky and introduces his name Tendou Souji, which literally means “He who walks heaven’s path, rules it all”

Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Gattack (GE-15)




A great thing about this series is that it has an extra “dummy” figure for you to prop the secondary armor on so you can display them both at the same time. The dummy figure isn’t that poseable though but still it’s a nice thought.

Masked mode

The Masked modes provide extra armor and endurance in combat, at the sacrifice of speed and mobility.

Cast Off!

Rider form

Gatack’s signature weapons, Gatack Double Calibur blades

His finishing move is the “Rider Cutting” where he uses the Double Calibur to create a charged scissor weapon.

Souchaku Henshin Series -Masked Rider Kabuto Hyper mode (GE-17)




Later on in the series Kabuto gets a second Zecter called the Hyper Zecter. Combining it with his own Zecter, Kabuto goes into Hyper form.

Change Hyper Beetle

The Hypermode armor opens up when Kabuto is about to execute a finisher attack.

The Perfect Zecter, all Zecters combine their power into this weapon.

Maximum Hyper Typhoon (sword mode)

Maximum Hyper Cyclone (gun mode)

“He who walks heaven’s path, rules it all”


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