Soul of Chogokin Black versions

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Soul of Chogokin Black versions

Bandai released limited editions of the Soul of Chogokin figures in black back in the day (to maximize the molds). Gx-01 to Gx-04 had pewter figures of the pilots included.

Black version SOCs

Gx01 Black

Gx02 Black

Mazin Blade!!

Gx03 black Combattler V

Twin Lancer

Gx04 Grendizer Black

Double Harken!!!

“We are Rocket Punch Generation” in Black

Gx05 Black Daiku Maru with mini Gaiking

Gx10 black Boss Borot

Gx-41B Reideen Black.


The manual is basically just a reprint of the Gx-41 manual.

The color scheme for Black Reideen is based on the vintage Popy Reideen Black colors.

God Missile

God Voice

God Gogun

God Bird


Compared with Gx-41 Reideen.

With other Black SOCs.


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