Soul of Chogokin DX Great Mazinger

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Soul of Chogokin DX Great Mazinger.

Box is bigger than the DX Mazinger Z, since this one comes an additional tray that houses the wings and display base for the wings.

Shipping box measures roughly 26.75″ x 18″ x 14″

Side note: It’s now easier to unbox a DX, Bandai removed the 360 Degree paper wrap and instead placed paper sheets at the top and bottom of the box. They also no longer included the plastic wrap-around bands that came with the DX Mazinger Z.

Outer box sleeve

Main box

Inner tray layouts

Also included are a few poster illustrations. There are four different illustrations included. Each poster is roughly 10″ x 14″

Brain Condor

It doesn’t quite capture the docking gimmick like in the Anime, it requires folding the Condor up (in the Anime, it just plugs right in)

Mazin Go!

The remote and Great Mazinger’s electronics require 2 AAA batteries each, including the 3 more AAA batteries required for the lights in the hangar, you will need a total of 7 AAA Batteries.

Light up eyes when you push button 1 on the remote control (Pileder On).

Scramble Dash!

Great Mazinger’s attacks

Drill Pressure punch! (Be mindful, some of the fins of the forearm tend to come off easily, I almost lost a piece).

Great Boomerang!

Back Spin Kick! (requires swapping out knee plates)

Knee Impulse Kick! (again, requires swapping out knee plates)

Mazinger Blade!

Remove the bottom of the handle before attaching it into Great’s hand.

Breast Burn!

Thunder Breaaaaaak!

List of sound effects

Pressing the “on” button on Great mazinger’s inner chest plate – “Brain Condor, Switch On!”

1- “Mazin Go! Pileder On!”
2- Thunder Break
3- Great Typhoon
4- Great Boomerang
5- Atomic Punch
6- Breast Burn
4+5 – Scramble Dash!
4+6 – Mazinger Blade!

1+2 – Instrumental – I am Great Mazinger (60 Seconds) – Great Mazinger TV Series opening credits music
1+3- Instrumental – Heroic Great Mazinger (65 Seconds) – Great Mazinger TV Series closing credits music
2+3- Instrumental Tetsuya’s Theme (80 Seconds)

-Leaving the electronics untouched for 3 minutes puts the toy into sleep mode to conserve the batteries. To reactivate you have to remove the chest plate and press the on switch again.

-Pressing buttons 5+6 will stop all music and sound.

I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get any way to boost the volume of the sound. They pulled it off with the SOC Harlock Arcadia, so why not here? The sound coming out is a bit weak for my tastes. I tried recording it, but my phone couldn’t pickup the sound clear enough for the video to be worthwhile.

To get the remote’s signal through, you have to angle the remote at this little hole in Great’s torso.

The Scramble Dash Display base(s).

Half-body X-ray Mode

(Yeah, I forgot to put in the proper neck plate for X-ray mode again. Happened with DX Mazinger too 😀 ).

I’m fairly sure my 5 year old son got creeped out by this. Lol… he ran to his mom right away after seeing it.

It’s a shame the missile doesn’t fire….

Double Mazinger!



Attachment arm accessory (packed in with the alternate display base’s tray) plugs into Great’s back for anchorage.

Swing open catwalks


Armor placement (due to manual being black and white, and the forearm and thigh armor looking somewhat nearly identical, this got confusing for a moment).

Gotta love the spotlights.

Opened up, the hangar spans about 18″ wide by 11″ deep. Hangar weighs 2299 Grams, without Great Mazinger.

Since I was already having an off day (forgot to use proper neck plate for the X-ray mode) I also forgot to use the kick stands for the Hangar doors for the pictures until I was already packing up. Please don’t follow my example. .

The Good
-“Naked” Great Mazinger weighs roughly 677 Grams.

-Fully armored up he’s 1128 Grams.

-Stands roughly 12.5″ tall

-Diecast parts include:
–Chest plate
–Waist plate (silver mid-section of the torso is plastic)
–Thigh armor plates (front only)
–Lower leg armor plates (front and back?)
–Feet armor plates
–Large sections of the internal frame are diecast too I believe (sorry forgot to list down which specifically)

-Lights and sounds!

-While the eye LEDs are a bit on the weaker side. The ones for the Breast Burn are pretty good!

-Light up Hangar bay.

-They simplified the arm connection. Folks who remember the confusing difficulty of how to reattach DX Mazinger Z’s forearm back into place (required pushing the red elbow cable to lock in, remember?) can breathe easy here. The concept does still follow that you have to apply pressure on the elbow to push the arm in to lock, but it connects easier now without the messy “inner lock” gimmick.

Just make sure you align the tabs properly (note the 4 little notches on the bicep).

-I guess it was nice of them to include the optional display bases for the Scramble Dash, even if it is a reuse of the one that came with DX Mazinger. At least we have the option to hang it somewhere.

-Also cool that Bandai included the smaller display base to pose Great Mazinger and Mazinger together, particularly if you don’t have the space to shelf up 2 massive hangars.

-Hinges on the Scramble Dash. Use them! .

-You gotta love that little Mazinger Blade accessory. It’s so damn cute!

-Posey fingers!

The Bad
-Weak sounds. I was really hoping there was a way to increase the volume. Zilch. I wonder why? They already showed they could include volume adjusting with the SOC Yamato 2199.

-Eye LEDs could’ve been brighter

-Hangar bay no longer comes with the little crane props that came with the DX Mazinger Z.

-Fins on Drill Pressure punch come off too easily. One actually fell of the table and I didn’t notice until I was cleaning up.

-No Scramble Dash “X-ray” parts? I guess they had to keep the SRP down somehow. Too bad we can’t do a “Mazinger with Jet Scrander and Great Mazinger Scramble Dash in “X-ray” mode now.

-No Great Booster?

-No minature Scramble Dash? The old SOC came with this. It was a nice add-on.

-No Spring gimmicks on the rear leg fins for the DX? It was one of the coolest parts of the regular SOC Great Mazinger. We now have to resort to manually picking the fin out of the legs.

The Ugly

I can’t think of anything at the moment, maybe the low volume of the electronics? Perhaps the lack of X-ray parts on the Scramble Dash wings? They’re not a exactly deal breakers but I would’ve love to see those done.

Maybe later on we’ll get that along with the Great Booster if they ever decide to roll it out as a Tamashii Web Exclusive like the DX Mazinger’s Scrander?

Overall, if you’ve got the DX Mazinger Z, then this one goes really well next to it. I wonder if we’ll ever see a DX Grendizer down the road?


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