Soul of Chogokin Extra Items Part 1

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Here you will find a list of Hong Kong Market exclusive items that came with the Soul of Chogokin releases through the years.

Soul of Chogokin Gx01R Hong Kong version – with black Mazinger Z figure

Soul of Chogokin Reissue Gx01R item Mazinger Z Metal Box
Soul of Chogokin Reissue Gx02R item Great Mazinger Metal box

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The box is made of shinny aluminum and even has a “lunchbox” type lock. Stands roughly under 7.5 inches and opens up to 10 inches in length.

Practically the same as the Mazinger Z aluminum box with different text stamped on it. The finish on mine has a lot of “water mark” stains on the surfaces.. sigh..oh well..

Soul of Chogokin Gx-03 Combattler V reissue HK item- Diecast Twin Lancer

Original 1999 item is on top, reissue version on the bottom.

The box print is different (lighter shade), I’m not sure if there has been a “legit” reissue of the Lancer in Hong Kong or if this was a mass produced bootleg/customized item from China.

The Hong Kong item for the Gx03 Combattler V Soul of Chogokin reissue.

The figure stands approximately 4 inches tall

I have no idea how the stand is supposed to work on the figure but I tried to make the most of it as an accessory for the Chodenji Yoyo.

Battle Guelleger

Chodenji Spin

There’s also a “Big Blast” bomb accessory but I don’t think it can fit in any where.

Soul of Chogokin Gx-05R Daiku Maryu Hong Kong item -Black Gaiking figure

Soul of Chogokin Gx05R Daiku Maryu reissue Hong Kong item

The Gx05R reissue Hong Kong item, “candy color” MSIA Gaiking

With the original “black version” from the first Gx05R

Zaul Geyser

Miracle Drill

Counter Cross

Face Open!

With the Gx03 Combattler Hong Kong item

Soul of Chogokin Gx-06 Getter Robo Hong Kong item – strap
Soul of Chogokin Gx-01b Mazinger Z Black Mouse pad


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