Soul of Chogokin Full Action Gx-92 Space Runaway Ideon

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Soul of Chogokin Full Action Gx-92 Space Runaway Ideon

I gotta say, I’m glad Bandai is still continuing to include colored manuals for the FA line, even including dynamic toy pose ideas for you to copy. I wish they did this sooner, since Voltes and Daimos came with boring “1-page, black and white” manuals (the manuals improved starting with FA Zambot 3).

Due to the design of Ideon’s feet, this is how he’s packed in the styrofoam tray.

Some assembly required

Set in the year 2300, a group of Terran archeologists discover three ancient vehicle relics on the distant planet Solo. After being attacked by the alien Buff Clan, the vehicles combine into a powerful mecha, the Ideon. Powered by the mysterious, yet infinite, Ide energy, the Ideon is capable of wiping out even entire planets with its powerful Ideon Gun.

Thanks to all the various joints in a Full Action Soul of Chogokin figure, you can have this guy in a lot of dynamic poses.

To equip it’s “all missile” attack, you have to remove the cover plates first and elevate the shoulder pylons. You can return the pylons after snapping the missiles effect in place.

All Missile Attack!

Uhh.. Ideon Swords(?), seriously Bandai, you couldn’t include these??

Ideon’s most powerful weapon, the Ideon Gun, also known as the Wave Leader Cannon.

Optional “articulated hands” for gripping the Ideon Gun.

Display base

LOL! I never thought I would see the day when the plugs for the base holes count as a separate accessory! This is embarrassing Bandai.

You can use the base to help hold some action poses, but I really don’t recommend leaving him posed like that for more than a few minutes.

Display base with the Ideon Gun

While you can display Ideon holding the Ideon Gun without the base, it’s more recommended that you use the base to prevent the hands warping over time from holding the gun’s weight.

With the other Full Action Soul of Chogokin figures.

Yeah…. admittedly, I didn’t have enough time to break everyone (anyone?) out for a group shot since it was the holidays. Instead, I opted to spend the afternoon goofing off with the kids. FA Ideon wasn’t really getting my creative juices excited enough to go the extra mile for it. Heck, I didn’t even try to dig out the original Gx-36 Ideon for a proper comparison shot. I’ll guess have to revisit this post again some day when I have some spare time.

The Good

-FA Ideon stands roughly 7.5 inches and weighs 301 Grams.

-Diecast parts include:
–Main joints
–Sections of the torso
–Lower Legs

-Good poseability. It’s actually fun to handle, unlike the Gx-36 that felt too heavy and clunky to pose around.

The Bad
-Watch out for paint chipping on the feet fins.

-No Ideon Swords?

-Zero ratchet joints, on par with every other SOC FA release.

The Ugly

Lack of accessories?? This is a first for Bandai. Compared to the previous SOC FA releases, this figure really comes with the least amount of stuff by a mile!

Overall, no real problems with the toy per se. The paint, finish, design is all good and is what is to be expected of a Soul of Chogokin release.

The real let downs here are the lack of accessories and the character choice for a “Full Action” figure. Somehow it all feels forced or rushed to include Ideon in the line. Ideon isn’t exactly the first super robot that comes to mind when you consider this dynamic posing, Obari-styled sub-line (heck it wouldn’t even be my 40th guess) and yet here we are. How Bandai does their market research, I’ll never figure out. I guess someone upstairs in the Bandai chain must really love Ideon?

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Ideon, this is a pretty decent release and is worth checking out ( just don’t expect “bang for the buck” levels compared to the old Gx-36 version). Otherwise, if you’re a casual SOC collector, this might not be something you’d be excited for.

Funfact: The series is directed by the Gundam series creator Yoshiyuki “kill ’em all” Tomino. Which sort of explains the ridiculously high death count on both sides of the characters in the show.


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