Soul of Chogokin Gx-02R (TN2016 Anniv) Great Mazinger Tamashii Nations 2016 Exclusive

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-02R (TN2016 Anniv) Great Mazinger Tamashii Nations 2016 Exclusive

The main box is packaged with a plastic baggie.

Tray layout is exactly the same as the original Gx-02R

Same as the 40th Anniversary Mazinger Z, the manual is also now printed in black and white.

Brain Condor. Same as the original Gx-02R version, come seperately as “docked” and “non-docked” modes.

“Mazin go! Fire on!”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this mold, last reissued a few years back. This was released last 2016 as an exclusive to the Tamashii Nations 2016 event. It’s been recolored to match the recently released 40th Anniversary Mazinger Z. From what I can tell, it’s a straight up reuse of all the old Gx-02R molds. Nothing new has been added to this version.

“Scramble Dash!”

The “spring pop-up” fins for the rear of the legs in “Scramble Dash” mode are still here. I missed this gimmick a lot, as it is not present in the Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger.

“Navel Missile!” – pressing on the button on the side of the hip makes the belt buckle/ Missile eject.

“Knee Impulse Kick!”

“Backspin Kick!”

“Drill Pressure Punch!”

“Great Boomerang!”

“Mazin Blade!”

“Breast Burn!”

“Thunder Break!”

“Great Booster!” – In the series, the Great Booster served as a back-up unit in case Great’s wings were damaged in battle, as such it was rarely used.

Unlike the original Gx-02 design, the Gx-02R series’ Great Booster does not have the option to pop out it’s front spike, which is featured when not docked with Great Mazinger. As it is, the spike is always tucked away inside the booster for this figure.

Display base

Comparison with the Gx-02R accessories. TN 2016 accessories on the left.

The blue plastic is lighter now (sorry, the missiles got mixed up in the first pic). While the grey plastic is a little bit darker. Yellow plastic is also now darker, more mustard-colored.

Brain Condors – TN 2016 version on the left

Mazin Blade – TN 2016 version on the left

Wings (darker, more maroon red for the TN 2016 version on the left)

With the Gx-02R itself.

With the 40th Anniversary Mazinger Z

Double Breast Fire!

The Gx-02R series comes with two right open palms (no left open palms included though), this is so you can have the two Mazingers shaking hands.

Overall, not bad, but not great (pardon the pun). It’s yet another repaint to an older figure. This release offers nothing new to the table other than to serve as an accessory for 40th Anniversary Mazinger Z to hang out with. The new 40th style paint for the torso is really good and is what makes this figure stand out. But with regards to the head paint applications I feel it’s too dark. The original Gx-02R’s face paint apps really just pops whereas this one leaves me cold.

In the end, I wouldn’t recommend this figure unless you’re a SOC completist.


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