Soul of Chogokin Gx-06 Getter Robo

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-06 Getter Robo

Getter Eagle

Getter Jaguar

Getter Bear

Mobile transports for displaying each of the Getter Ships is included.

The transport is actually hollow underneath and the wheels don’t actually roll.

Getter 1

The primary unit of the series and piloted by Ryoma Nagare. Getter 1 is the most balanced machine in terms of defense and offense. It’s also the only unit that can fly in combined mode.

The set includes an alternate head with hinged head pieces for you to simulate “Switch On!” and form the Getter 1.

Man, it’s really impressive how the magnets still work after all this time. Kudos Bandai on the quality of these toys.

To attach the Getter Wing, you have to remove the shoulder piece first, then snap down the “cape” onto the pegs on Getter 1’s back.

To activate the Getter Beam gimmick, just push this button on his back.

Also included with the set is the Getter Tomahawk.

Getter 2

Piloted by Jin Hayato, Getter 2 is intended for battles that require speed and thanks to its large drill it is capable of tunneling underground. The Getter 2 is also capable of generating cyclones by spinning its drill fast above ground.

Right claw hand.

Some tooling present on the inside of the claw, cool.

Drill Arm!

Getter 3

The unit with the heaviest armor, it is also the slowest among the three Getter Robots. Primarily meant for underwater missions and battles. Piloted by Musashi Tomoe.

Getter 3’s attacks are primarily physical and are dependent on his extending arms, which can wrap around his opponent to either crush them by squeezing them, or by spinning them into the air when Getter 3 quickly uncoils his enemy.

Aside from his arms, Getter 3 can also fire powerful missiles on the sides of his head.

The Getter Team.

Although we never really see them together like this in the show (only one robot can be formed at a time), it’s really cool to see them in a group shot.

To disengage the Getter units, look for these release buttons on each figure.

For added fun and play value, you can mix and match the Getter units to make your own Frankenstein Getter. It’s pretty fun.

Display Base

Ahh… this brings me back, stickers for name plates instead of actual name plates for the base.

Storage for the extra Getter parts.

The Good

-Height and weigh-in:
–Getter 1 – 6.7 inches and 331 Grams
–Getter 2 – 6.7 inches and 232 Grams
–Getter 3 – 3.5 inches and 262 Grams

-Diecast parts include:
— Lower halves of all the Getter Ships

–Getter 1
—Torso and shoulders
—Waist and lower legs

–Getter 2
—Torso and shoulders
—Waist and lower legs

–Getter 3
—Torso and shoulders (?)
—Wheels and connectors

-You can mix and match the pieces for more fun! It’s not canon but still good.

-Solid feel to the figures, given they were made almost 20 years ago.

-Magnets on the joints and connectors still hold very well. A testament to how well these were designed and made so long ago.

-Pearl finish on the Getter 1 looks really nice, even by today’s standards.

-Lots of value for money in this set, considering how much completing the Getter Team in Dynamic Classics costs now.

-Inclusion of the launch platform for the Getter Ships was a nice touch.

The Bad
-Small feet on Getter 2, making it hard to pose in action poses properly.

-Michiru Saotome’s Command Machine isn’t included with this set (you have to get the Gx-06M version to get it).

The Ugly

A common issue nowadays (roughly 20 years after this set came out) with this set are the tank treads on Getter 3, as they tend to oxidize and break or crumble apart in most displays. This often occurs in hot and humid locations. I have never displayed mine so they’re still OK, but one should really display Getter 3 on a block that props up the center of the toy, so that the block jacks the unit up so it won’t be resting on the rubber pieces.

Another way of preventing the breakage of the treads is using protective chemicals for rubber. One chemical that is often suggested by fellow collectors is Gummi Pledge Stift, it’s available on Amazon and you just apply it onto the rubber surfaces to prevent it from drying up and deteriorating. I’ll probably do this later on when I finally (one day, darn it!) have a place to display everything.

Overall, an awesome set! It’s got everything in one package (except the Command Machine) and back in the day, it was really affordable and gave quite a “bang for your buck” feel, especially compared to how much it costs now to complete the Getter Team in the Dynamic Classics style. I am really impressed at how well the set holds up nearly twenty years after it was released. The only real drawback with this set at present is getting a Getter 3 without damaged treads. If I had to choose between getting this or the New DC Getters, then I think this would still be a good choice, in terms of value for money. You can’t go wrong with getting this set!


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