Soul of Chogokin GX-08R Aphrodai A vs GX-09R Minerva X

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Soul of Chogokin GX-08R Aphrodai A vs GX-09R Minerva X

Sigh… single leaflet manual. At least it’s colored.

Aphrodai A

Originally created by the Photon Research Laboratory to help in geological research, Aphrodai A is piloted by the daughter of the Photon Power Labs’ head scientist, Sayaka Yumi, who assists Koji Kabuto by providing support whenever Mazinger Z is deployed.

While Aphrodai is technically built with Alloy Z, it seems her armor alloy is less durable than Mazinger Z’s, which uses Super Alloy Z. This often results in the Aphrodai usually getting heavily damaged or torn apart on various occasions.

Created by Professor Gennosuke Yumi for aiding science and to serve as a symbol of peace, Aphrodai A was originally not outfitted with any type of offensive weaponry. It was only after much insistence from his daughter that the good professor decided to add the Oppai Missile System to Aphrodai A.

Originally able to fire only two rockets from its chest until it could be re-armed back at the base, Aphrodai would later on be further upgraded to fire multiple additional missiles with its starting payload.

Similar to the original Gx-08, the set still comes with “out of ammo” chest pieces for Aphrodai.

I was really hoping Bandai would provide screw hole covers this time around. The back is still a horrible mess to look at after almost 30 years.

Sayaka has been retooled to be smaller and more in scale with Aphrodai.

In episode 32, prior to the introduction of the Jet Scrander for Mazinger Z, Aphrodai is equipped with experimental “flight rockets” fired from its chest to help Mazinger Z temporarily gain flight capabilities in order to take on flying opponents (particularly for this episode, the Gelbros J3). The flight rockets in this set are modified from the original GX-08 release, the warhead tips can now be removed and plugged into Aphrodai’s chest just like in the episode they were used.

Lol… in the episode, the Oppai rockets were.. “enhanced” by Koji and the other Photon Labs professors without Sayaka’s consent.

The set comes with new hands for Gx-105 Mazinger Z in order to properly hold the flight rockets.

Mazinger Z takes to the skies!!

The original Super Robot male and female duo.

The retooled Sayaka in the c0ckpit also scales better with Gx-105 Koji.

GX-09R Minerva X

Originally designed by Juzo Kabuto to be Mazinger Z’s partner, Dr. Hell managed to steal the plans after Juzo’s passing and was able to build Minerva X for himself.

While she possesses most of Mazinger Z’s attacks, her final build is weaker than what she originally was meant to be. Due to Dr. Hell lacking Super Alloy Z and access to Photon energy, He instead relied on super steel alloy and Atomic Energy to power Minerva X.

This hexagonal Partner Circuit- designed by Juzo Kabuto and intergral to Minerva’s functions, not even Dr. Hell could bypass it. The hexagonal Partner Circuit kicks in the first time she meets Mazinger Z, resulting in Minerva X immediately defecting to the good guys and becomes friends with Koji and Sayaka.

Supposedly, her AI is designed to wirelessly resonate with Mazinger Z’s CPU via her Partner Circuit, allowing the unit to strategically function in tandem with Mazinger Z on the battlefield. This creates a deep connection between Minerva X and Mazinger Z (and by extension, Koji, much to Sayaka’s annoyed jealousy).

As she was designed by the same creator as Mazinger Z, Minerva X has most of Mazinger Z’s basic attacks, (but on a weaker level). These include:

Koshiryoku Beam – a beam attack fired from her eyes, uses Atomic Energy instead of Photon Energy.

Rust Hurricane – a gust attack from her mouth that consists of corrosive particles.

Rocket Punch – an attack similar to Mazinger Z’s iconic attack.

Breast Fire – an attack similar to Mazinger Z’s finishing move.

Display bases
The pair share the same kind of display base, which are identical to their respective original bases from back in 2002.

Similar to the 2002 original releases, the nameplates are still stickers instead of sculpted ones.

With GX-105 Mazinger Z.

Lol.. this scene actually happened in the episode. Koji doesn’t care that Sayaka caught him with Minerva, what a player.

Minerva X would eventually be taken down by Aphrodai A at the end of the episode after her Partner Circuit becomes damaged and she goes on a rampage. Minerva X nearly destroys an Atomic power plant and Sayaka had no choice but to attack the former with her Oppai Missiles in order to save the city.

The Good
-Aphrodai A stands roughly 6.5 inches and weighs 155 Grams.

-Minerva X stands roughly 6.5 inches and weighs 147 Grams.

-Diecast parts include (same for both):
–Sections of the torso
–Waist area
–All joints
–Upper legs
–Lower legs

-The newly retooled “smaller” Sayaka figure is a nice update.

-The retooled Mazinger “flight rockets” are a nice update as well.

-Figures contain the same amount of diecast as before.

The Bad
-The manual is a bit underwhelming. Thankfully, at least it’s not a cheap black and white piece of paper (lol…like those Full Action SOC figures).

-Screws are still pretty visible from the back for both figures. I wish they included cover plugs or something.

-Nameplates still use stickers instead of actual sculpted plates.

-Nothing new has been added or modified for Minerva X.

-Aphrodai’s c0ckpit canopy can is no longer removable.

The Ugly
Some minor paint bleeds on my copy of Minerva X. Particularly her forehead and chest plate. Sigh…

Overall, the set is a bit underwhelming. It’s great that Bandai decided to re-release these characters for Mazinger Z’s 50th Anniversary, but there really isn’t much new going on here. If you’ve gotten the previous releases, then there’s very little to pull you into getting what is essentially a “reissue” set.

Personally, it feels like a wasted opportunity to give some nice additional accessories or gimmicks for these characters. Ah, well…


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