Soul of Chogokin GX-104 GaoFighGar

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Soul of Chogokin GX-104 GaoFighGar

Box is a bit bigger than the Gx-68 Gaogaigar. Spans 16 x 15 x 8 inches in dimension.

Thankfully, the set comes packed in styrofoam. Not every release of late in the SOC line used styrofoam packaging, most switched to using plastic trays. Also, the use of this plastic packing is back. We last saw this with the Gx-102 Mazinkaiser SKL.

To return the Stealth Gao III to the tray, this is how the bottom should look.

To return the Phantom Gao to the tray, this is how the unit should look.

Display bases

The set comes with several display stands for the Gao Machines and Gaofighgar.

Liner Gao II

Liner Gao II’s sub-rockets are stored underneath the Stealth Gao III in the tray.

Some assembly required

This attachment piece is required in order to mount the Liner Gao II onto the display base.

An upgraded version of Gaogaigar’s Liner Gao, the Liner Gao II is outfitted with Ul-Tech Engines and is now based off of a rocket design in order to facilitate flight. The unit detaches six sub-rockets before combining with the other Gao Machines and Gaofar to form Gaofighgar.

Stealth Gao III

To mount the Stealth Gao III onto the display base, you’ll have to use this attachment piece.

The latest variation of the Stealth Gao flight system, the Stealth Gao III houses a more compact version of the Ul-Tech Engines, allowing for a sleeker look.

Drill Gao II

The successor to the Drill Gao, the Drill Gao II is now also upgraded with onboard Ul-Tech Engines for greater drilling power. It features new, multi-segmented, protruding drill bits can rotate independently from one another and cause maximum damage to targets.

Impressively, the drill segments do rotate in different directions when you spin them.

Just like on the Gx-68 Drill Gao, Drill Gao II’s tracks are molded (all-new) multi-segmented plastic. Very cool!

F-111 Phantom Gao

You’ll have to use these two attachments in order to load Phantom Gao onto the display base.

The Phantom Gao is actually a bit mis-transformed out of the box. Make sure to lower Gaofighgar’s chest panels and swing out the wings on Phantom Gao to get its look right.

Shishio Guy’s aircraft. Serving as a replacement for Galeon, the Phantom Gao is equipped with Ul-Tech Engines, as well as an onboard Mirror Coating generator, which allows the Phantom Gao to use optical camouflage and blend into its surroundings when not in full use.

While it serves as a tactical unit for Guy, the Phantom Gao actually has no armament equipped when in aircraft mode.

The front canopy opens up so Guy can perform Fusion.

Gao Machines!!


The Fighting Mechanoid form of the Phantom Gao after Shishio Guy performs Fusion. GaoFar’s primary function is to form the core machine of GaoFighGar.

The mechanical details list GaoFar being constructed from “Monocrystal Metal”.

Hmm… GaoFar’s got puny feet.

While GaoFar’s hip joints are insanely tight, thankfully, they don’t get in the way of transforming Phantom Gao to GaoFar.

The set comes with extra hands for GaoFar.

An optional “yelling face” for GaoFar is included too.

To pop the head free for the face swap, I recommend rotating the head 180 degrees and pushing the head from the back side upwards, as opposed to pushing on GaoFar’s chin upwards. This pops the head off easier.

Display base attachment for GaoFar.

GaoFar only has one special attack, called the Phantom Claw. Apart from that, the unit can only rely on limited physical attacks to take down opponents.

GaoFar can also link up with the Drill Gao II for more melee attack options. This was never seen in the Anime though.

The Drill Gao II clips into GaoFar’s forearms at this section. Unfortunately, do note that the Drill Gao II is so heavy, you can’t get GaoFar to hold any decent poses. I’m also worried what prolonged connection will do to GaoFar’s arms.

Stealth Gao III can also link up with GaoFar (though it’s never shown in the Anime and is actually unnecessary as GaoFar can fly on it’s own now unlike Gaigar).

Gaofar needs the alternate display base attachment for this mode.

He also needs to have this attachment connected to his back for linking up with Stealth Gao III (remember to remove the little red piece that forms a part of GaoFighGar’s skirt plate).

Lastly, as a bonus toy gimmick for Gaofar, all of the Gaomachines can link up with GaoFar to form an alternate mode called the “Hypersonic Flight Mode”.

I guess it’s a cool feature for the toy. While it’s not canon from the Anime or Manga, I consider it as a way for GaoFar to transport all of his Gao Machines with him if Final Fusion isn’t an available option.

Take note, some additional attachment pieces are required to form this mode.

Lastly, snap on the Ul-Tech Engine effects parts on the wings to complete the look.


A cool little detail here, you can rotate the abdomen hatch on Gaofar to open it up just like in the Anime. This hatch releases the Electromagnetic Tornado around Gaofar followed by the projection of the three Program Rings that the Gao Machines will orbit before combining to form Gaofighgar.

Transformation notes

Make sure to securely snap the backpack in place. There’s a loud snap if you do it right (I’m not really comfortable hearing the sound).

Unlike with how the Drill Gaos connect to Gx-68 Gaogaigar, they lock into place by pushing the drills onto GaoFar’s knees this time around when combining. It’s a more streamlined connection and separation process.

Similar with Liner Gao, Liner Gao II can be separated into halves for easier disconnection.

You can opt to remove GaoFar’s hands to prevent accidents with the thumb joints when slotting the arms into the Stealth Gao III.

The set offers an alternate non-transforming head for GaoFighGar. This head lacks the emerging G-stone gimmick on GFG’s crown but it gives you more articulation and allows it to look upwards.

There’s a cool transformation gimmick involving GaoFar’s sides shifting out when you slot in the Liner Gao II.

Remember to tilt the ends of the Liner Gao II upwards for proper Anime accuracy.


Created by GGG (Gutsy Galaxy Guard) to replace Gaogaigar after Mamoru left with Galeon to the Trinity Solar System, the G.B.R.-11 GaoFighGar is the strongest Fighting Super Mechanoid ever created by mankind and is tasked with protecting the Earth from all threats.

Ul-Tech Engines – To allow GaoFighGar flight, the new Ul-Tech Engines located on its wing tips spread open.

To correctly “recreate the look”, you will have to attach four painted “effects parts” onto the wing tips.

The display base for Gaofighgar is a reuse of the one from the Star Gaogaigar Option Parts set.

Optional/ removable base port attachment for the Goldion Hammer.

New nameplate for Gaofighgar (warning, the plate comes off REALLY easily).

GaoFighGar Attacks!

Dividing Driver! – A special tactical tool previously used by Gaogaigar to bend space 10 kilometers in diameter for 30 minutes to prevent collateral damage to surrounding areas, GaoFighGar can also now use a modified modular version of this tool as well. Unfortunately, the set does NOT come with a Dividing Driver and you’ll have to grab one from Gx-68 Gaogaigar.

Broken Phantom!

The set comes with a Phantom Ring gimmick that can be attached to the underside of GaoFighGar’s forearms.

The upgraded version of the Broken Phantom. Utilizing the new Phantom Ring generated from GaoFighGar’s abdomen hatch, the ring grants an effect area that has twice the circumference of the Star Gaogaigar’s Phantom Ring. The Phantom Ring also remains in the opponent’s body and will expand outwards as it disperses, completely obliterating the enemy.

Admittedly, the Phantom Ring effectS part is kind of a let-down. I tried posting the effect separately like so, but the center post sticks out like a sore thumb, there’s no way to rotate it so it could lie down. Bandai should’ve included an alternate “post-less” clip that could hold onto the ring while being pegged into a Soul Stage or something.

Protect Wall!

Similar to Star Gaogaigar’s defense mechanism, the Protect Wall on Gaofighgar uses the Phantom Ring energy effect aura to create a larger defensive area. The GaoFighGar’s version of the Protect Wall also has the improved ability to return the attack back to the sender (similar to Gaogaigar’s Protect Shade), something the Star Gaogaigar’s Protect Wall is unable to do.

For Anime accuracy, you can opt to flip GaoFighGar’s abdomen hatch “open” while he’s doing Broken Phantom and Protect Wall.

Drill Knee!

The new knee drills extend and protrude further, doing deeper damage to GaoFighGar’s opponent.

Hell and Heaven!

Before we can do the Hell and Heaven attack, you’ll have to swap out GaoFighGar’s chest pieces with the indented ones, which are on a ball joint.

Remember to flip open the vents on the Stealth Gao III to properly recreate GaoFighGar’s Hell and Heaven charge.

Goldy Marg!

Arm Connect!

Goldion Hammer!

For screen accuracy, you can opt to place the right forearm back onto the Stealth Gao III when GaoFighGar connects with Goldy Marg. But do note that things will be a bit more cramped in that area, greatly limiting leg poseability. I think it’s a better idea just to remove the forearm completely.

You’ll also need to tuck GaoFighGar’s right side skirt panel to the front to allow space for its leg to move.

Important note! -you will have to plug the Marg Arm directly into GaoFighGar’s elbow. You CANNOT use the adapter plug meant for Gaogaigar as it won’t fit.


Comparison with Gx-68 Gaogaigar.
Gaofar just towers over Gaigar. Which shouldn’t be the case.

A sidenote. My Gaigar has not aged well. Despite being stored in proper storage, the set’s white plastic pieces have really yellowed a lot. It’s unfortunate, but thankfully, it’s not too obvious when fully combined into Gaogaigar.

Heh… I know this scene makes no sense (since Guy pilots both mechs) but it’s a thing from the manual. I thought I could try it out.

Lol… Because I’m lazy, so I didn’t bother to dig out the Star GGG option parts for Gx-68 for this set of pics, this is as good as it gets for now on recreating the Hell and Heaven showdown.

The Good
Gao Machines weigh in:
-Linear Gao – 175 Grams
-Stealth Gao – 235 Grams
-Drill Gao- 466 Grams

Gaofar stands roughly 9.25 inches and weighs 394 Grams.

Gaofighgar stands roughly 10.75 inches and weighs 1250 Grams.

-Diecast parts include:
–Main joints on GaoFar/ GaoFighGar
–Sections of GaoFar’s torso
–Certain support struts on Stealth Gao III
–Several large sections of Drill Gao II

– Styrofoam trays are back! Huzzah!

-Several display stands included for the Gao Machines to be displayed “mid-flight”.

-A little spudger tool is included. It doesn’t really do much and is intended for pushing out the wrist joints so you can connect the hands on the Stealth Gao’s turbines.

-Drill bits on Drill Gao II spin in different directions when you rotate the bit. Clever engineering!

-Multi-segmented plastic tracks for Drill Gao II instead of rubber. Nice!

-GaoFighGar’s biceps “expand” out when you flip them down from the Liner Gao II.

-Alternate “more poseable” head included.

-On GaoFighGar’s default head, the crown has a G-Stone that emerges when you lock the head down on GaoFar, similar to how it was with Gaogaigar.

-Love that optional left hand G-Stone effect accessory!

-Original concept “Hypersonic Flight Mode” is a nice bonus.

-Opening vents on the Stealth Gao III for Hell and Heaven mode.

-Multiple articulation points on GaoFighGar’s hands (same as with Gx-68).

-Cool transformation gimmick involving GaoFar’s sides shifting out when you slot in the Liner Gao II.

The Bad
-The display base nameplate falls off ridiculously easily. It’s very annoying.

-No Dividing Driver included for Gaofighgar, you’ll have to grab the one from Gx-68 or Gx-68X.

-GaoFar’s feet are really puny… the proportions are kind of weird to look at.

-Drill Gao II is insanely heavy to mount on Gaofar’s arms. Bandai should’ve included some sort of support base for them.

-Awkward looking gaps on GaoFighGar’s knees.

-The Phantom Ring effect could’ve been done a bit more subtly. The execution sort of sticks out like a sore thumb.

-Cannot use the special adapter plug for the Marg Arm on GaoFighGar. I’m not sure how safe it is to leave the Marg Arm attached to GFG for long periods because of this.

-The Ul-Tech Engine effects parts are OK, but I personally would’ve preferred clear parts for better visual effect.

-Chest parts swapping required for Hell and Heaven.

-The transformation gimmick involving GaoFar’s sides involves a switch that can get in the way of the Liner Gao II when it’s inserted from the left side.

The Ugly

The issue with the main hip joints on GaoFighGar! The joints are ridiculously, insanely tight! You can’t lift the legs up or swing them to the back. I’ve seen horror stories of the whole joint just ripping out of GaoFar’s leg because of excessive force used. I don’t know why this wasn’t addressed, but it’s a major flaw. I didn’t want to risk it with my copy so the most I was willing to move it was a few centimeters forward during posing.

Thankfully, the other joints meant for splits and rotation on GaoFar/ GaoFighGar’s thighs are fine, so you can get some very minor decent poses done with the legs. Luckily, the issue does not affect GaoFar’s transformation into Phantom Gao.

Overall, pretty decent. As much as I want to give this thing high marks, the number of quality control issues (the impossible hip joints and not being able to use the adapter connection for Goldy Marg) are real problems with the toy. There’re also the huge gaps on GaoFar’s knees that once you notice, you just can’t unsee.

On the plus side, this thing looks really impressively big! It looks great on the shelf and has real presence. It easily outshines the older GaoFighGar figures released over the years from Yujin Toys and CM’s Corp. in terms of details.

It may be bias on my end but if you’re a fan of Gaogaigar, I still recommend getting this figure since it is technically the best diecast transforming GaoFighGar figure out there, issues and all.


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