Soul of Chogokin Gx-11MAM Dianan A Mermaid version

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-11MAM Dianan A Mermaid version


With the regular Mazinger Angel Dianan A box

Blue Marine Mobile

Mermaid go!!

The Blue Marine Mobile’s tail is multi-jointed and can be posed in various ways.

Continuing the tradition of the Mazinger Angels where they constantly use “Oppai (Japanese for the word “breast”) Missiles”, this one comes with alternate firing missile projectiles.

When not in use the missiles are mounted on the “Excite Staff”.

Display base

The Display base can be used to pose the figure in “floating” pose.

With the other exclusive “powered up” versions of the Mazinger Angels

(L-R) Mermaid Dianan A, Queen of Gold Venus A, “La Sirene de Noir” Minerva X, Snow White Aphrodai A.

Of the 4, the Mermaid was a mail-away using a stub that came with the Mazinger Angels CD soundtrack. The other 3 were mail-aways using the stubs that came with the Manga.


Comparison with the regular Dianan A

The stabilizer fins can be removed.

A Simple parts swap.


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