Soul of Chogokin Gx-24R Tetsujin (2018 Version)

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-24R Tetsujin (2018 Version)

The set still comes with the screw-hole plugs, like with all other previous versions of Gx-24.

Manual comes with illustrations of the cast and characters.

Well… here we go again, another repaint. I guess Bandai is trying to keep the line afloat by releasing redecos of existing molds (copying Hasbro’s strategy I guess?). The good news is that they improved the toy a bit thanks to the new sound electronics added to the figure. This marks the 5th time this mold has been released in the Soul of Chogokin line. For the unfamiliar, this character is also known as Gigantor when it was aired in the West.

This repaint of Tetsujin features some mild weathering effect.

The series Tetsujin 28 follows the adventure of a 10-year old boy, Shotaro Kaneda, who controls the giant Tetsujin 28 robot created by his late father.

Tetsujin mostly relies on melee attacks to get the job done.

The controller

The back of the controller is actually a metal plate, this is what “completes” the circuit and activates the electronics on Tetsujin.

The electronics can be deactivated by this main switch on the back.

The electronics are activated by touching the back of the controller to Tetsujin’s tummy. This will trigger the red light up eyes and “Gao” roaring sound effect.

To play the theme songs, stick the controller higher up, about his chest level. There are two songs included. One is the opening credits music and the other is “Shotaro’s theme”. The way the tracks work (I think) is that they take turns playing, after you play the first track, which is the opening credits, the next track that will play is the “Shotaro’s theme”. The manual wasn’t really specific about this.

The set already comes with batteries installed. Be sure to remove them immediately after purchase to prevent leaking battery damage down the road.

The figure requires 3x LR1154f batteries. Bandai loves to use the Vinnie’s brand of batteries.

I’m not sure of the reason behind this (since I’ve never watched the show) but the belt is removable.

The rockets are removable and the covers can be opened to reveal internal details. The rockets attach to Tetsujin’s back via magnets.

The crotch section can be lowered to give more space for the legs to work.

Battle damaged arm.

The series’ main protagonist, Shotaro Kaneda. Despite being only 10-years old, he’s actually a genius boy detective and helps the police solve cases.

Heh, for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about what if someone gave control of Tetsujin to someone like Bart Simpson…

Display base

Still the same classic nameplate. I’ve actually missed seeing this. I didn’t really like the newer design nameplates for SOCs.

You can hook the rockets onto the display arm, to help hold Tetsujin in place on the stand.

Sadly, the display base can’t be used for holding Tetsujin in flying poses. You’ll have to get creative on your own.

Comparisons with the older versions.

The Gx-24R’s box has been made slimmer due to the redesigned tray layout.

Tetsusjins (L-R)
Gx-24, Gx-24M, Gx-24 DVD exclusive, Gx-24N (Tamashii Nations 2009), Gx-24R


The only way to get Professor Shikishima is with Gx-24M.

The Gx-24R Shotaro sports a better tone of flesh compared to the older, paler version.

The Gx-24N from Tamashii Nations 2009 event does not come with Shotaro or the Professor, it only comes with a bronze colored redeco of the control box.

Likewise, the Gx-24N does NOT have any electronics included with it, not even the light up eyes. “Naked” version indeed.

The Good

-Tetsujin weighs 410 Grams and stands roughly 6.5 inches tall

-Diecast parts include
–Upper Torso (above the belt line)
–Lower legs
–Sections of the feet
–Internal joints

-Figure has some very nice “weathering” effect painted on. I like it.

-Electronics are back! They were missing on the last release (Gx-24N) Plus it now has sound!!

-Manual isn’t quite specific on how to get to play the Shotaro’s theme track (no real instructions on “how to” given).

The Bad
-Due to the lack of any speaker holes on the mold of the figure, the audio is very, very weak, with no way to increase the volume.

-Aside from the new sound effects, nothing new has been added to the toy. But price has gone up.

-Yeah… still no neck joint. Ah well.

-No Professor Shikishima figure? This would’ve been the definitive version of Gx-24 to get if they had included this guy.

-Screw-hole covers (included in all previous releases) still included.

The Ugly

Paint bubbling on the previous versions. Bummer.

It’s been less than two decades and it’s unfortunate to see this happening on various older SOCs (it’s also happening on my Gx-04 Grendizer and 02R Great Mazinger). Figures are stored in their boxes in dry places (though temp gets to 32 degrees in the summer). I’m not sure if it’s the paint or the metal causing it. I just hope it doesn’t get worse and that it won’t happen to this version too.

As far as the actual Gx-24R goes, no real QC issues with the toy (for now).

Overall, not bad. I like the new color scheme. But I think I would still prefer the Gx-24M as most bang-for-the-buck (it has the Professor Shikishima figure) version. The new sound effects and music are a welcome addition, but they increased the SRP by 25% because of this add-on so it’s not a real added bonus. I think I would’ve preferred a reissue of the figure with more effects parts if it meant keeping the price low, but that’s just me.

Funfact: The term “Shotacon” (Japanese slang for attraction to young boys, for females it’s called “lolicon”) is said to have been coined in referenced to Shotaro, since he’s a 10 year old pre-pubescent boy. Freaky…


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