Soul of Chogokin Gx-25R Garada K7 and Gx-26R Doublas M2

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-25R Garada K7 and Gx-26R Doublas M2

Garada K7

The first of two Atomic-powered Kikaiju unleashed by the Underground Empire upon the world by Doctor Hell. Controlled by simple AI loyal only to Doctor Hell and Baron Ashura, Garada K7 can use the scythes mounted on the sides of its head as melee weapons. It can also throw them as boomerangs for long-ranged attacks.

The figure is a straight up redeco of the original Gx-25 Garada K7 released way back in 2004.

To be honest, I’m not sure what the color scheme for Garada is based off, perhaps the opening credits, similar with Doublas M2 in this set? The original release still seems more accurate for the episode version of Garada.

Similar to the previous release, the set also comes with “eye rockets” for Garada.

The “eye rockets” are actually exclusive to the Anime version of Garada, we never see this weapon as part of Garada’s attacks in the original Manga.

Of course, Garada K7 is best known for his scythe-based attacks. The set comes with the same optional long, “springy” arm that can be used to “throw” Garada’s scythe.

Same as before, the arm is a bit stiff, so can’t really get an actual “throw” out of it.

Doublas M2

The other half of the “original Kikaiju duo”, Doublas has an “extendable” neck in the original Anime, allowing it to capture it’s opponent or stab right through its target.

The figure is a redeco retool of the original Gx-26 Doublas M2 from way back in 2004, but with a new, optional neck pieces included to better capture the look of the character from the Manga and Anime.

The new necks included in the set feature working joints.

Doublas’ heads can fire intense beams of heat, melting almost everything in its path.

Doublas’ belly has three sets of electrical emitters, that can fire large amounts of electricity at its target.

Lastly, Doublas also comes with the same ball-jointed extensions for its neck from the previous release. Each “neck” comes with 9 segments.

Comparisons with the original Gx-25 and Gx-26

As previously mentioned, the original Gx-25 Garada’s color scheme closely follows it’s appearance in the actual episode it appeared in. While I guess the R version is based on the opening credits? It seems really off though. Not Bandai’s best color application I suppose?

The R version lacks the sculpted details of “Dynamic Planning”, “2004” and “Made in China”.

The new Garada has the color pattern on its scythe reverse, plus the blade is now more rounded outwards, compared to the “dimpled” blade on the original.

The original Garada came with these adapter attachments meant for the display base, so you can plug the extra fists in. Since this set doesn’t come with a display base, there’s no need for them here.

The R version Doublas’ deco seems to be based off the TV series opening credits, while the previous version seems to follow the color pattern for Doublas as he appeared in the pilot episode(s).

Similar with Garada, the R version of Doublas M2 lacks the sculpted details of “Dynamic Planning”, “2004” and “Made in China”.

Interesting sidenote, while the R version comes with 9 segments for Doublas’ extended neck, the original Gx-26 came with 10 segments. I guess Bandai can’t math?

Back in 2019, when Bandai did the reveal for the R versions of Garada and Doublas at their Tamashii Nations 2019 event, they were shown to have “chibi” accessories featuring Genocider F9 (For Garada) and Damdam L2 (for Doublas). It’s too bad they didn’t push through with those, as it would’ve added more bang for the buck for this set, but then again, maybe having cutesy, deformed versions of Kikaiju would be weird and nonsensical I suppose.

Credits to the original owner of the images (it’s been so long, I can’t remember where I got these from back in 2019).

With the Gx-105 Mazinger Z

The Good
-Garada K7 weighs 271 Grams and stands roughly 8 inches (counting the tip of its scythe).

-weighs 274 Grams and stands roughly 7 inches.

-Diecast parts include (same for both figures)
–Upper and lower legs

-New deco scheme for Garada and Doublas. Based on their appearance in Mazinger Z’s opening credits.

-Pretty decent paint applications.

-New “default” necks for Doublas, making him look better proportioned than the previous version.

The Bad
-Figures still use the original Gx-01R base body, instead of using any of the more recent redesigned SOC Mazinger bodies.

-Missing bonus items. I wish they included the Damdam and Genocider minifigures to add something new to this set.

-No display bases!

-No Styrofoam trays!

-Nothing really new added except for the necks for Doublas.

The Ugly

No QC problems here thankfully.

Overall, a pretty decent set, but not really “must haves”, particularly if you already have the originals. While I do like the new necks for Doublas, they hardly justify the new, heftier price tag (the set costs 50% more than what a combined purchase of the two figures used to cost back in the day). I also find the removal of the little things like the styrofoam tray and display base a bit disappointing. I wish Bandai had kept those included.

If you already have the previous versions, then you can pass on this set. But if you missed out on the original releases, then this set is the one to get (mostly due to the new necks on Doublas M2).

Funfact: Garada K7 and Doublas M2 are the only Mechanical Beasts/ Kikaiju that have appeared in practically all of the Mazinger media.


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