Soul of Chogokin Gx-28 Blue Gale Xabungle

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Soul of Chogokin SOC Gx-28R Blue Gale Xabungle “Real Color” version(SOC Project Iron Soul Vol.2 Book Mail-away exclusive)


Opening Credits

Essentially a light colored repaint of the original Gx28 Xabungle with added accessories.

Gx28R on the left

Gx28R on the right

Major differences would be the paint application on Xabungle’s sleeve, detailed panel lining and missing paint application on the boosters in Xabungle’s feet.

Gx28R on the left

Accessories exclusive to each Xabungle

The Phogg comes with “support maintenance” arms that plug into the holes in its belly. But I opted not to use them since they’re so tiny once you detach them from the frame, they’re bound to get lost.

The guns have also been repainted. The Gx28R has flat gray and dark flat gray paint while the original is silver and slightly metallic black finish.

Xabungle Car

Bungle Skipper

Bungle Rover

Real Color Xabungle.


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