Soul of Chogokin Gx-29R Black Ox (2020 release)

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-29R Black Ox (2020 release)

Tetsujin’s main opponent. Black Ox was created to defeat the big guy, but was eventually used by Dr. Shikishima to rescue Tetsujin from certain destruction.

Black Ox attacks

Finger Missiles

Feet spikes. These are connected to a spring so they retract when press on a flat surface.

The toy features light up eyes. The electronics run on 2x LR44 batteries.

WARNING! Batteries come pre-installed!!!! Better remove these ASAP if you don’t want them to ruin the toy.

On switch

Due to the painted eyes, it’s somewhat hard to see the lighting effect unless you switch off the room lighting.

Alternate damaged head included.

Only the default head has light up features. the Damaged head does not have any electronics.

Dr. Stein Franken, Black Ox’s creator.

Dr. Shikishima, Shotaro’s guardian. He was originally released exclusive to the Gx-24M Tetsujin, I’m glad to see they reissued him here.

Display base

While both doctors have holes in the soles of their feet, there’s no where to plug them into, fortunately they can stand just fine on their own.

With the GX-24R

Black Ox’s right hand actually has a magnet in it, so that it will trigger Tetsujin’s electronics when you “punch” his big, blue, round belly.

I was hoping to do comparison shots with the original Gx-29 Black Ox release, but it seems I’ve stored him somewhere and forgot to list down exactly where (same with Gx-33 Leopaldon). I currently have roughly 60 storage boxes dedicated to Super Robots (lol, 20 years of collecting will do that), so digging through all 60 is going to take some doing. I will have to revisit this post again down the line and do an update for the comparison shots.

The Good

-Black Ox stands roughly 7 inches tall and weighs 391 Grams.

-Diecast parts include:
–Shoulders and biceps
–Upper and lower legs

-Thanks to the “pull down hip joints” similar to Tetsujin and the original Black Ox, a wider range or leg articulation can be achieved.

-Optional screw hole plugs included with the set.

The Bad
-Hmm… the magnets don’t seem as strong as what came with Tetsujin?

-I can’t seem to find anything improved with this figure. No new accessories added. Nothing. Bummer.

The Ugly
No remote control for Black Ox??? But this was included in the original Gx-29 release. Sigh.. Some “R” version this is.

Overall, not bad, I guess. It’s somewhat of a straight up reissue of the decent, old SOC Black Ox (minus the remote control accessory), so its got a good amount of diecast and it does what it’s meant to do, partner up with Tetsujin on a shelf.

I can’t really say I agree with labeling this figure as an “R” version though, as nothing new has been added or improved and in actuality, they even took stuff out (again, the remote control piece). I guess Bandai wanted to maximize their molds? I can’t recommend this if you already have the previous release. But if you don’t have it, well, now’s the time to get one to buddy up with Tetsujin. If you don’t have Tetsujin, then, there’s no real point to getting this figure.

Just a heads up though, it has since gone into deep clearance (just like the 24R Tetsujin) on some retailers like Amiami (as of this writing, Jan 2021), so that does sweeten the pot, if you’re on the fence for this guy.


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