Soul of Chogokin Gx-41S Reideen the Brave Fade In Set

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-41 Reideen the Brave
Soul of Chogokin Gx-41S Reideen the Brave Fade In Set

The small pics are thumbnails, please click to view larger image.

Giftset measures 18.5″ x 14.5″ x 6″
Regular set measures 9.5″ x 14.5″ x 3.5″

Comparison with the “Grendizer-King of Space” boxset.

Manuals (different covers for both sets)

Extra Pages in the “Fade in Set” manual

Interesting to note, that even though the pics are from the “Fade In Set”, they used this same page for the regular manual.

The “Extra Accessories” tray found only in the “Fade-In” giftset

Reideen’s Mountain (Face Rock)



The mountain stands roughly 9 Inches tall.

Yuusha Reideen

With the God Bird attachment removed.

In the Anime, Reideen’s right arm plate changes form as needed, here are the various types.

(L-R) God Breaker, God Block Big Spin, God Boomerang, God Block.

Reideen’s attacks:

God Block

God Block Big Spin

God Boomerang

Jet Boomerang

God Breaker

Energy Cutter

God Missile

God Gogun (Reideen’s signature move)

Comes with two kinds of arrows.

Gogun Sword

God Voice

God Bird Change!

Head Cutter

Bocy Cutter

Articulated talons

Opening beak (beak does not open in “Head Cutter” head)

Regular VS Giftset

Extra accessories
Display stand


The stand can also hold the God Bird, but it’s bit hard to attach the God Bird here, there’s a certain “snap-on” lock instead of the God Bird just “sitting” on the stand and relying on gravity.

Brooger (hehe, I still can’t say it with a straight face, I personally prefer the name “BlueGar” from the fansubs). The Brooger is all plastic.

Spot Fighter detaches from the Brooger.

Articulated Grapple claws.

Akira with Sparcar bike. Akira is REALLY small! He’s the size of an ant. Be careful not to lose him in clutter.

With the Gx-07E Koji figure.

The Good
-Diecast parts include biceps, thighs, lower half torso, boosters.
-The “golden” Reideen has diecast feet/boosters for balance.
-Akira is removable from his bike.
-Full colored manual, no “black and white” pages.
-Lots of accessories.
-Can do the “God Gogun” pose spot on.
-Good move by Bandai to make the God Bird parts removable.
-Mountain has a cool pull-out gimmick, pull the ramp for Akira’s bike and the mountain opens up thanks to well-placed gears.
-High poseability due to added mid-torso joint and hidden shoulder joints. You have to push the shoulders back in place to keep them from drooping though. The shoulder pads are also decent, I was half expecting them to keep collapsing but it rarely happens on mine.

-Extra “open mouth” face plate (sure wished Gurren Lagann had this).

-Extra Swappable feet for more balance.

The Bad
-Light, the toy only weighs 220 Grams (your garden variety “Marvel Legends” figure weighs 100 Grams), due to no diecast legs. The legs were made plastic to stabilize the toy in God Bird mode. However, the boosters are diecast.
-Swapping the face plates can be a little hard to do sometimes.
-Akira’s bike Sparcar is annoyingly hard to stand even on the bike rails. It’s also easy to loose the Akira figure.
-The joints tend to be a little too tight, especially the groin joints. It’s hard to restore them to proper position after posing the toy in action and God Bird poses.
-Lack of display stand for the “Giftset” accessories.

The Ugly
-The name “Brooger”
-The ball-jointed fists tend to be a little too loose, they won’t fall off but they tend to wobble when you shake the toy.
-The attachment for the God Block keeps falling off when you try to pose the toy. Since the peg is really skinny. Also, the magnetized “God Boomerang” connection is a bit weak.

In conclusion, Bandai’s made a lot of improvement in terms of making the toy more poseable. The big accessories are a sweet bonus given we don’t have to pay over $200 for the giftset.

The “lesser diecast” factor doesn’t really bug me since it was a necessary sacrifice to keep the God Bird mode planted to the surface via its talons. Just hope Bandai doesn’t make it a habit to release future Gokins with less er, gokin.

The biggest gripe I suppose would have to be the God Block connection, since it’s really annoying the way it keeps falling off. It’s manageable, but really, it just makes the toy feel sloppy.

As for “Chrome vs Pearl White” finish. I’ve got to say I’m more partial to the Pearl finish, since it reminds me of the Anime more. However, I feel that the Chrome version looks better than the Pearl white in God Bird mode. But that’s just me.


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