Soul of Chogokin Gx-46R DyGenGuar & Aussenseiter

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-46R DyGenGuar & Aussenseiter

Box is more or less the same size as the original Gx-46, which is pretty big, spanning 19.25 x 13.25 x 7.5 inches in dimension.

Main Box

Be careful not to lose these clear parts for the Schulter Platte.

DGG-XAM1 Bujin Soukou DyGenGuar (War God Armament Assault DyGenGuar)

Piloted by Sanger Zomvolt, the Dynamic General Guardian (DyGenGuar for short) utilizes a Direct Motion Link (DML) System. Sanger pilots the mecha through his body movements, voice recognition, and a handheld controller modeled after a sword’s hilt (think Nintendo Wii, lol… ). The DyGenGuar machine is actually equipped with artificial muscles throughout its body, giving it incredible agility and response rate, despite its massive size compared to that of a standard Personal Trooper.

The figure is a retool of the previously released Gx-46 DyGenGuar with added improvements and better paint.

DyGenGuar activate (Gif from “Super Robot Wars – The Inspectors” series)!

DyGenGuar’s plastic red pieces have been redone. Instead of the plain red plastic we got from the Gx-46, this time, the red parts are given a more metallic finish.

Redone hip joints to allow DyGenGuar a wider spread when sitting on the Aussenseiter in its Pferd mode.

New optional face plate for DyGenGuar, featuring “teeth gritting/ angry” face.

Same as with the Gx-46, DyGenGuar has a mid-torso joint for dynamic poses.

DyGenGuar’s attacks

Sanshiki Zankantou (Zankantou Type-3) – The DyGenGuar’s main weapon. A gigantic sword made from Zol Orichalconium in its liquid metal state, which allows it to change shape and form, depending on the energy that DyGenGuar charges into it. The name “Zankantou” means “ship-cleaving sword”.

Zankantou (nihontou mode)

“Ware wa Zengâ Zonboruto, Aku wo tatsu tsurugi nari!” (“I am Sänger Zomvolt, the sword that smites evil!”)

Zankantou – Gakai – With the Zankantou in Nihontou mode, DyGenGuar dashes and swiftly slashes the enemy.

Zankantou – Daisharin -With the Zankantou in Kukri mode, DyGenGuar throws the blade at the enemy like a boomerang.

The Zankantou is most probably best known in its broadsword form.

Zankantou – Raikou-Giri – A cross-shaped slash technique utilizing the Zankantou in its broadsword mode.

Zankantou – Unyou no Tachi – DyGenGuar’s ultimate solo attack. With the Zankantou in broadsword mode, DyGenGuar leaps high into the air before dropping down with a single, powerful bisecting slash. Sanger would often shout the battle cry “CHESUTO!” during this move

DyGenGuar in action!


“Waga Zankantou ni tatenu mono nashi!” (“There is nothing my Colossal Blade cannot cut!”)

Default weapons
In one battle DyGenGuar loses his Zankantou, forcing DyGenGuar to use only his default weapons in combat.

Guardian Sword – DyGenGuar’s default sword. It lacks the transformation ability of the Zankantou.

Dynamic Knuckle – DyGenGuar launches it’s forearms at its opponents, similar to Mazinger Z’s Rocket Punch attack.

Unlike the original Gx-46, the R version now features removable forearms.

Even cooler, effects parts and prop stands are included with this set as well!

At first, I panicked when I couldn’t find the clear prop stands, since the manual showed that they were cast in black plastic. I eventually realized they were clear plastic when I took a hard look at the accessory trays. lol..

When returning the Dynamic Knuckles, make sure you plug them all the way in. You know you got it right when you hear a click when plugged in correctly, otherwise they tend to fall out when you’re changing the hands.

General Blaster – Powerful beams emit from DyGenGuar’s shoulders.

DGG-XAM2 Aussenseiter

Piloted by Ratsel Feinschmecker (which means “The Mysterious Gourmet”), an alias used by Elzam von Branstein, the eldest son of the Branstein clan charged with protecting the outer space colonies. After a falling out with the Earth Federation, Elzam previously allied with the Divine Crusaders and fought against the SRWOG series’ protagonists early on.

Aussenseiter means “Maverick” or “Dark Horse”. The unit’s official designation is “Dynamic General Guardian Unit 02”. Ratsel also occasionally affectionally nicknames his unit “Trombe”.

Be very mindful when posing the figure’s head, there are a LOT of sharp points on it, particularly the red parts.

While it’s not included, I think it’s better if we put a silica gel packet in with the new cape. I’ve seen NECA toys do this with figures that have cloth pieces. I guess it helps prevent molds from growing on the cloth material? It can’t hurt.

A unique right hand is included with this set, it recreates the pose Ratsel makes in the show. This accessory was also included in the old Gx-46.

Aussenseiter in action!

Felze Rad (Heel Wheel) – The mecha’s feet are actually equipped with miniature Tesla Drives, which assist in the swift movements of the Felze Rads.

Aussenseiter’s attacks

Lanze Kanone – Aussenseiter attacks using a pair of high-powered, long-range rifles.

Kreis Kanone – Aussenseiter leaps up into the air and unleashes a Lanze Kanone barrage.

Sturm Angriff – Aussenseiter’s ultimate attack.

The Lanze Kanone can be folded up and mounted onto Aussenseiter’s back.

Similar to the original Gx-46 set, these attachment parts help Aussenseiter hold the Kanones better. Just plug them into the shoulders first and then try to clip the guns to the attachments.

Schulter Platte (German for “shoulder plate”) – an attack whereby Aussenseiter throws his shoulder plates like a frisbee at his opponent. When thrown, an energy field is deployed along the shields’ circumference to increase damage

Elzam’s family crest

Bandai included new attachment pieces for holding the Platte’s.

Unfortunately, they don’t clip on that well and you can’t do much in terms of dynamic poses with them. At best they can only be used to help hold the Platte’s vertically upwards.

Dynamic General Guardian Units 01 and 02.

“Tomoyo… ima koso ware wa no chikara miseru toki! (My friend…. the time has come to demonstrate our power!)”

“Sou Chin!!! (Agreed!!!)”

Ikki Tousen – both units activate their Pferd Modes and perform “Jinba Ittai” (Rider and Horse as One).

A lot of pieces have to come off on Aussenseiter.

Aussenseiter without add-on parts.

No saddle.

Lack of paint on the horse’s eyes.

The front legs lack articulation.

By swapping in the add-on parts, it improves the Pferd mode’s proportions by a lot!

Mouth opens on the bigger horse head unit. Plus painted eyes.

The knees are articulated on the non-transforming Lanze Kanones.

New optional saddle part. Unfortunately, it just sits there, there doesn’t seem to be any real locking mechanism for holding down the saddle?

Stirrups for DyGenGuar’s feet.

Before attaching the cape collar on DyGenGuar, make sure to remove this little blue piece to give the collar somewhere to clip onto on the body.

A support stand to raise up Aussenseiter’s front legs is included.

Tatsumaki Zankantou!

“Warera ni…. (There is nothing… )

….Kotowattenu mono nashi!” (…We Cannot Cut!” )

Ikki Tousen – A warrior worth a thousand.

Display base

Aussenseiter’s removable collar plate goes into the bottom of the display base for storage.

Link to the original Gx-46 DyGenGuar and Aussenseiter review.

The Good

DyGenGuar stands roughly 7.75 inches at its tallest point and weighs 293 Grams.

Aussenseiter stands roughly 8 inches and weighs 436 Grams.

When in Ikki Tousen mode, the set stands roughly 12 inches tall and weighs 882 Grams.

-Diecast parts include:
–Sections of the torso
–Main joints connecting to torso
–Lower legs

–Sections of the Torso
–Main joints connecting to torso
–Sections of the thighs
–Lower legs

-Removable forearms on DyGenGuar to recreate the Dynamic Knuckle attack.

-Effects parts and prop stands for the Dynamic Knuckle attack included!

-Improved paint apps on both figures. Plus new metallic red finish on DyGenGuar.

-Redesigned and improved hip joints on DyGenGuar.

-New “gritting teeth/ angry” faceplate for DyGenGuar.

-New soft goods cloth cape for Aussenseiter!

-New attachments for holding the Schulter Plattes on Aussenseiter.

The Bad

-Watch out for the sharp points on Aussenseiter’s head.

-Sigh.. the new attachments for the Schulter Plattes on Aussenseiter aren’t that great. They don’t grip that well and easily fall off.

-Transforming Aussenseiter still requires adding the center piece to help hold his legs up in Pferd mode (not a perfect transformation).

-As the display base is a direct reuse of the Gx-46, the new accessories (new DyGenGuar face plate, Schulter Platte attachments) don’t have anywhere to go.

-When DyGenGuar is placed next to its Gx-46 version, the difference between the two is not immediately discernable, unless you take note of the red paint.

-A part of me wishes they included effects parts for the General Blaster.

The Ugly

There’s still no way to lock down the saddle?? I’m not sure if I missed something, but the saddle just sits on the Aussenseiter in Pferd mode, there’s no lock for it, just like with the Gx-46. Really strange. I pressed down as hard as I can and it doesn’t seem like there are any clips to hold the saddle down.

Overall, still impressive as the old set. It’s great that Bandai actually improved the figure and didn’t just do a recolor reissue with nothing new added like with some of the other “R” SOC releases (Gx-65R Daitarn 3 being the biggest offender).

I love the use of cloth for the cape this time around, it beats the plastic 3-piece cape set of the original Gx-46, which somewhat ruined the final look of the Jinba Ittai mode of that older set. The new hips for DyGenGuar do make it easier to pose compared to the older version and the addition of the Dynamic Knuckle and its accompanying props are also welcome additions to the set.

The lack of a lock for holding down the saddle parts seems like a huge oversight left over from the Gx-46 and I am quite surprised they didn’t address it.

If you’re not a die-hard SRW game series fan, or already have the first Gx-46 release, then you can probably skip out on this one. The upgrades for it are nice but with the high price for this set and it being a limited Bandai Tamashii Website exclusive, I don’t recommend it at high secondary prices if you’re on the fence.

If you don’t have the previous release yet, then this is the one to get.


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