Soul of Chogokin Gx-52 Getter 1

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-52 Getter 1



Getter One, SWITCH ON!

Getter Wing!

Getter Tomahawk!

Getter Machine Guns

Getter Beam!
The “beam projector” snaps onto the cavity in the torso. The cavity has a spring mechanism. I guess I prefer it like this compared to the old push button gimmick. The “beam projector” flicks off easily.

Display Base

Comparison with Aoshima Getter one.

Getter Machine Gun comparison (Gx-52 on the left).

Comparison with Gx-06 Getter One

With Gx-51 Getter Dragon

With Aoshima Shin Getter One

The Good
-Weighs roughly 440 Grams.
(Other weigh-ins)
–Aoshima Getter One – 500 Grams
–Gx-06 Getter One – 380 Grams
–Gx-51 Getter Dragon – 500 Grams

-Getter Machine Guns have moving parts.

-Hidden shoulder joints, just pull out the shoulders sideways like on the Gx-51 Getter Dragon. 🙂

-Diecast parts include
–Shoulders and Biceps
–Legs (except feet)

-“Hidden” Mid torso joint

-Different hands for Machine Gun and Tomahawk

-The accessory trays are no longer taped (this could be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view).

The Bad
-No more “disconnecting parts” like in the Gx-06, no more bastardized Getters.

-No Getter Eagle jet included

-No “flying pose” prop on the display stand (I was really looking forward to something like this after seeing the promo shots)

-The hip joints tend to pop out on mine, anyone else encounter this?

-Getter Wing smells bad. I usually like the PVC smell of new items (like opening up old Toybiz Marvel Legends and Aoshima Getter One cape). But the plastic on the Getter Wing smells like burnt rubber. I recommend opening it from the tray at a distance from your face (or at least down wind).

The Ugly
The Getter Wing! The attachment is somewhat tricky. It falls off with minimal effort. I wish they designed it to attach better. It fell off during the entire photoshoot more times than I cared to count. Very frustrating.

Overall, a great addition to the SOC line, I gotta say I’m loving the new innovative joint system. The real downside is that the line has shrunk. I just hope it doesn’t come to the point that Bandai will start “thinning” the diecast layers (like on the Konami “diecast” Gurren Lagann) and later Chogokins become lighter and lighter as a cost cutting measure.

Other clips of Getter One in action.

We never really got a Getter Vs. Getter showdown episode in Getter Robo G Anime, I think this was something from out of the Manga.


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