Soul of Chogokin GX-65 Daitarn 3

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Soul of Chogokin GX-65 Daitarn 3.

The tray lay out for the accessories has been complete changed from the Gx-53. Mainly due to the new display base added to the lot.

Mach Patrol is almost the same except for the slightly brighter red painted parts.

Gx-65 on the left.

Comparison with the Gx-53

Primary differences would be
-Gold chromed fins on his helmet
-Gold painted eyes
-Grey painted face (silver on the Gx-53)
-Grey shoulder pads (silver on the Gx-53)
-Grey belt buckle (silver on the Gx-53)
-Lighter (brighter?) shades of blue, red and yellow all around (including on the accessories), even on the yellow plastic parts
-Opening up Daitarn’s back seems to have less friction on the hinges in the front chest area now. I didn’t scratch the paint up like I did with the Gx-53.
-New display base.



Display base

The option to slap on the accessories to the tank treads like how it was done on the Gx-53 is still available (according to the manual).

Overall… not bad if you haven’t got the Gx-53, but totally passable if you already have the first release. The set offers nothing new in terms of accessories sans the display base and lighter colors. The new colors are nicer to look at and is generally more Anime accurate but the new gold-chromed fins doesn’t work well with the remaining yellow parts. It just seems to throw the whole set off.

Personally, I will probably chose the Gx-65 to display with the other SOCs mainly because I like the colors here better (they’re more accurate to Daitarn’s colors in the show). But I will probably swap out the gold fins for the fins from the Gx-53 if I do.

I think this set would’ve been much better if they had included an optional “plain yellow” helmet fins if in case collectors didn’t want the gold.

Here’s the link to the original Gx-53 Daitarn 3 review.


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