Soul of Chogokin Gx-66R Tryder G7 (2020 Release)

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-66R Tryder G7 (2020 Release)

Tryder G7

Created by Nabalon, a scientist who defected from the Robot Empire, Tryder G7 was originally supposed to be piloted by Watta Takeo’s father to protect the earth from the impeding invasion by the empire. After an unfortunate accident kills his father, sixth-grader Watta must now take over the responsibilities of being the pilot of the Tryder, as well as being the President of Takeo General Company, along with the academic hassles of being a regular sixth-grade student.

Transforming vs non-transforming head – The non-transforming head is show accurate in robot mode (c0ckpit canopy can’t be seen), also the non-transforming head has an actual neck joint for looking up and down, the transforming head does not have this joint (I think).

The mouth pieces can be swapped around both heads.

Tryder G7’s Attacks:

Tryder Javelin
The Javelin, in its collpased form, can be partially “sheathed” into Tryder’s shin guards.

Tryder Chain

The blades on the chain are sharp, so be careful.

The claws can be folded in to “capture” enemies.

Tryder Beam Cannon
Optional pegs can be used to “mount” the Beam Cannon on his hip.

Tryder Cutter
Using the same pegs as with the Tryder Beam Cannon, Tryder Cutters can be mounted on his hip. Not exactly how it pops up in the Anime but close enough I guess.

Pegs are also placed into the open palms.

Tryder Lure

Same as with the original Gx-66 Tryder, the Lure has a working winch, which makes clicking sound when you turn it.

The end of the Lure attaches like so.

In some episodes, instead of a long stick, the lure is sometimes an actual wire. Be careful not to get the wire bent out of shape for the SOC though.

The Tryder Lure can be modified to fit the Tryder Cutters as well, just like in the Anime.

Tryder Saber

Same with the Tryder Javelin, the handles of the Saber can be removed and collapsed into Tryder’s shin guard, to show how they’re deployed, just like in the Anime.

Tryder Bird Attack!

Tryder’s ultimate attack, we see the inner workings inside his chest as he prepares to launch and merge with an energy phoenix from his chest plate and then crash into his enemy.

Tryder’s primary robot mode is called G7 but he has other modes as well, similar to Daitarn 3.

Tryder Beagle (tank mode)

Crawler section:

Tryder’s “tank mode”. Appeared only in 2 episodes, I think?

FYI, You can also rotate Tryder while he’s on the Crawler.

Tryder’s fighter mode – Tryder Cosmic

It’s strongly recommended to add this little black plastic bar to support the heavy Tryder Cosmic.

Tryder’s Chest plate is supposed to look like this in his Cosmic mode.

Tryder’s second fighter mode (for high speed pursuit)- Tryder Eagle

Tryder’s head also separates from the body and can fly around as an individual vehicle, as Tryder Marine (when in sea) and Tryder Hawk (When in the air).

Tryder Hawk
If you wish to make the Tryder Hawk more show accurate, you can opt to remove the landing skis on the side of the wings.

Tryder Marine

Tryder Mobile (land mode)

Tryder Shuttle (upgraded)

First appearing in episode 27, the upgraded form of the Tryder Shuttle is totally restructured to closer resemble a flying aircraft. New shuttle cannons were added to the previously “missiles only” attack of the older shuttle model.

Remember to reposition the dorsal fins on the Shuttle, they’re supposed to look like this:

Deployable landing gears.

Remember to push this fin out for show accuracy.

Armaments for this version of the Tryder Shuttle include opening missile doors and deployable shuttle cannons.

Previously, the Crawler unit could be loaded into the Shuttle for transport, to be deployed later when Tryder would need it on a mission. With the newer designed Shuttle, the Crawler hooks up underneath the Shuttle exterior instead. Likewise, the Shuttle can now also use the Crawler too.

Make sure to align the connectors properly, it’s a bit hard to do, actually. There’s no release button, you will have to manually pry the Crawler free from the Shuttle to detach them from each other.

The Shuttle combines with Tryder Cosmic to form Tryder Fortress. In almost every episode, we see Watta and the crew having a meal inside the Fortress while enroute to the battle. It’s almost as staple as having the launch sequence or the final attack .

Before combining with Tryder, the Shuttle has to fold up first like so.

Cover plate for when the Tryder isn’t connected. You will have to remove this plate in order to connect the Shuttle and Tryder.

Tryder Fortress

(Optional) storage for the chest plate. It’s not something based on the Anime though, in case you were wondering.

To lock the Shuttle and Tryder together, make sure this peg locks in properly into Tryder’s back connection port.

A little blue plastic spacer is included to fill into the gap, so that the Tryder doesn’t droop down in front.

Display base

Additional storage for small bits and pieces of accessories.

Tryder’s secret launch base gimmick, just like in the Anime, his head is buried underground and is a part of a children’s playground.. for some reason..

Comparison with original Gx-66 Tryder G7.

Lighter “toon accurate” shade of yellow on the “R” version.

Darker blue plastic on the sword handles (left) for the “R” version.

Crawler is more or the less the same.

Tryder Shuttles

It was really something to see the use of so much “static cling” plastic film on the Gx-66 Shuttle back in the day.


The blue on the “R” Tryder is slightly brighter compared to the original.

The Good

-Tryder G7 stands roughly 9.75 inches and weighs 750 Grams.

-Tryder Shuttle spans 12 x 9.5 inches in dimension and weighs 273 Grams.

-Tryder Fortress spans roughly 16 inches in length.

-Diecast parts include:
–Whole legs and feet
–Sections of the torso
–Torso-connecting joints
— (No diecast parts for the Tryder Shuttle)

-“Stick”/ pick accessory for fishing out the internal fists and landing gears. It doesn’t quite get the job done though IMHO.

-Anime accurate colors on the “R” version.

-Weak ankle joint issues have been addressed with the “R” version, thankfully.

-Landing gears are now a bit easier to pull out. They used to be a HUGE pain to pull out on the original Gx-66.

-All the accessories for Tryder from the old Gx-66 are still all here.

-Tryder Shuttle is an all-new sculpt.

The Bad
-Ugh… that locking peg.. why couldn’t it have been collapsible?? This problem bugged me a lot back in the Gx-66 too.

-No tooling improvements or upgrades to Tryder itself, no new accessories for it either.

-Part of me wishes they kept the silver paint instead of using white paint, he sorta clashes with Zambot and Daitarn now.

The Ugly

No real qualms for me here, thankfully. After the tarnishing issue on my “R” Daltanious chromed leg, I’m glad this guy came out OK.

Overall, an amazing set! This is one of those times where the “R” version surpasses the original and is the version to get. The yellow is more Anime accurate (though I have to say I still like the darker, orange-y color of the original Gx-66 Tryder visually) and the Shuttle is a welcome addition to the collection, as it’s the look that most folks are more familiar with from the Super Robot Wars games (we rarely see the V1 Shuttle in the games). Personally, I really enjoyed this set a lot. If you haven’t picked up a SOC Tryder yet, then this is the set to go with!

I really wish Bandai makes a V2 Zambot 3. The Gx-23 Zambot 3 engineering is so dated now.

(Funfacts taken from my original Gx-66 Tryder G7 review)
Funfact – Daitarn 3’s Banjo makes various cameo scenes in the show as a background character.

Funfact 2 In episode 36, Daitarn 3, Zambot 3 and Gundam all make a cameo as toy prizes at a festival shooting game (strangely, the Japanese Wikipedia page lists this appearance as episode 37).

Funfact 3 – As far as the series goes, Tryder G7 is one of those shows where the hero and villains never really have any direct interaction outside of the robot battle scenes. They never even realize Watta (The main protagonist) is a kid. Likewise, the show ends with the Robot Empire just giving up attacking the Earth and just moving on.

I actually enjoyed this series more than Zambot 3 (too depressing) and Daitarn 3 (too pointless), mainly thanks to the show’s focus on Watta’s high school life and friendships. The show even ends with his graduation ceremony (instead of a big battle with multiple character deaths). Nice touch.

Funfact 4 – While watching the series, you will come to realize, Tryder G7 can’t fight all of his battles alone. Tryder G7 needs to be saved by the Tryder Shuttle from being nearly destroyed by the enemy mech in a lot of episodes. Seriously, a LOT! For a “MUTEKI” (Invincible) Robo, he sure doesn’t quite deserve the title IMHO. Lol. .


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