Soul of Chogokin Gx-69 Goldy Marg

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-69 Goldy Marg

Ok, right off the bat, I gotta say this thing is heavy. It’s essentially like getting the Aoshima Mazinkaiser (without the wings) and tacking it onto the SOC GGG’s right arm!

Goldy Tank

Goldy Marg

Optional bigger hands to make them more Anime accurate.

Well, I guess with this release it seems likely we’ll never get a SRC Goldy Marg now. Too bad it’s waaaay too big to fit in with the SRC figures.

With Gaigar

With Gaogaigar

Comparison with the Cm’s Corp Goldy Marg.

The Support Base

Note 1: it comes with 2 varying attachments, so you can pose the Marg Hand in both horizontal and vertical positions.

The horizontal position – the default position in the Anime

The vertical position – this position is for when GGG does Hammer Heaven (yanks out the nail using the claw section of the Marg Hand).

Note 2: You will notice that the hammer/Marg Hand support base has 2 holes for the hammer to stand in. The holes are side by side. One hole is for the default hand and the other is for the larger hand.

orangeHAMMER CONNECT![/color]

orangeGOLDION HAMMER![/color]

Even without the clear support base, the Hammer heft and the hand’s grip is solid enough to act as a cane of sorts to prop up the arm with no issues.

redHAMMER HELL![/color]

redHAMMER HEAVEN![/color]


Comparison with the SRC Goldion Hammer set

redTransformation notes and other things to look out for [/color]

Remember to pull the arms all the way down, otherwise you won’t be able to rotate the biceps.

Using this clear part helps lock in the legs better in Marg Hand mode.

Remember to slot the center (gray) shaft into position for the hammer.

Pressing this button on the hammer…

….. Will eject the ends of the hammer to make the hammer bigger. I like this clever gimmick a lot, as it makes the hammer look perfect in both robot and weapon modes.

Optional bigger hand. I strongly recommend using this one over the default hand, as the default hand requires you to properly slot the hammer into pegs in the palm to make it grip properly.

The optional bigger hand has very tight joints in the fingers, which eliminates the peg and hole grip attachment setup. It’s now easier to place the hammer into position, without the hassle of fitting holes into grip pegs.

Optional “elbow block”. You can plug in the Marg Hand directly into GGG’s arm or you can use this block to make the attachment/detachment process go easier and at the same time give GGG and elbow to work with. Again, I strongly recommend using this optional piece.

The Good

-Heavy! This thing feels like a brick!

-Weighs 702 Grams and stands roughly 8.75” tall. (By comparison, the CM’s Corp version is 174 Grams).

—–Hammer- 289 Grams
—–Marg Hand – 409 Grams (add-ons equipped)

-Diecast parts include
— Transformation joints for the shoulders
— Feet
— Thighs
— Hip joints and Knee joints
— Certain joints of the hammer’s handle (the two shafts on the sides of this section)

-Solidly designed. It’s impressive when you look at it on a shelf.

-“Cheat” parts (bigger Marg hand, elbow block) included to make the toy easier to manage.

-Compliments GGG a lot! I mean, look at the “Transform into Light” pose, it really shows how well designed the GGG is to be able to hold the whole set up above it’s head with no support required.

The Bad
-Goldy Marg’s robot mode is VERY top heavy! You will need to cheat a little and use the shafting section the hammer to prop him up from behind. It’s not too bad but it does take away some of the Anime accuracy look of the figure from the back (not that the missing back leg panels haven’t ruined it already)

-Somewhat lacking a bit in the range of motion for some of the joints (ankles and shoulders, mainly)

-Not much accessories (in fairness, he never did have any accessories in the show)

-Joints do feel a bit too tough. If you’ve handled the shoulder joints for GGG, then you can expect more of the same with Goldy’s hip joints.

-Due to the heft of the Marg Hand in Hammer mode, you have to be extra careful whenever you plan to move it around. Otherwise GGG might topple over. Luckily, GGG’s entire arm is built to handle and support the Marg Hand really well. No need to worry that GGG’s bicep will break off or anything if you f*ck up…

-The hammer is VERY hard to detach from Goldy Marg in robot mode. It makes me wish Bandai added a release button of some sort to make the transition easier. As is, get ready to use some real grip strength you never knew you had, to get the hammer free.

The good news is that I don’t see anything easily breakable with the connections right here. You can attach and detach repeatedly with impunity. .

The Ugly

Well.. they’re not really a deal breakers for me, but I guess one can consider the high price point of this figure and/ or the lacking covers for the back of the legs as the real big negatives for this thing.

Bandai should’ve included covers for the back of the legs in robot mode, like how CM’s Corp did theirs back in the day. That would’ve sweetened the deal with this thing.

As far as the price goes, I’m really surprised at the SRP for this thing. Sure Goldy’s big and heavy but we got way more stuff with Tryder G7 for roughly the same price. Makes me think maybe a big chunk of what we’re paying is going to the licensing for Goldy Marg? I don’t know.

Overall, a good toy. I like it a lot. It perfectly captures the look and feel of Goldy Marg in all 3 modes. But it is expensive for an add on. I’m sure it would’ve been a lot more palatable if they either a) lowered the price or b) it came with the Stealth Gao II/ Gatling Driver.


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