Soul of Chogokin Gx-70 VS Set

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-70 VS Set.

The Hover Pileder. This right here is, for me, the only real reason to get this set. Sigh…

Mazin Go!

Display base

Hmm… personally I’m still torn on whether to remove the plastic film on the base plate or not.

The Jet Scrander launching platform has been changed to blue instead of orange.

The Jet Scrander comes with 2 different sets of wings, the one with the hinges is based on the Devilman VS Mazinger Z movie scene.

Similar to the Gx-70, the front and back of the wings feature 2 shades of red different from each other. Remember to examine the connections CAREFULLY before you insert the wings. There are certain tabs that fit in certain notches so you don’t insert them the wrong side up by mistake.

Differences in the Scrander design. The one with the “Z” is from the Devilman VS Mazinger Z movie.

Likewise, there are no attachment ports for the Southern Cross Knife ports on the movie version as it wasn’t featured there.

Scrander Cross!

Pewter statue of the Koji Kabuto and Akira Fudo.

The Pewter stands about 2.25″ tall.

Another add on for this set are the earlier designed forearm plugs for Mazinger Z when he launches his Rocket Punch attack. The plugs that came with the Gx-70 are based on the later designs which show his Drill Missile ports.

The Good
-Has Hover Pileder
-Set comes with a pewter of the iconic heroes
-Optional articulated wings included

The Bad
-Maybe it would’ve been nice if the Pileder had working, folding wings this time and not 2 swap-around pieces?

-No Koji figure in the Pileder! Sigh…

The Ugly
Hmm.. my base came with the name plate dislodged (it’s glued by default). Found that to be a bit annoying.

Overall, well, sadly, the whole thing just doesn’t impress, as it only comes with pieces, that when you think about it, could’ve been packed in with the regular Gx-70. Particularly the Hover Pileder. The good news is that for a Tamashii Website Exclusive, it’s not too expensive. Still, the casual SOC collector will most likely give this set a pass.


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