Soul of Chogokin Gx-70CN Mazinger Z Chrome Noir

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-70CN Mazinger Z Chrome Noir

“Matchbox type” outer box sleeve

Note: Iron Cutter forearms are packed in a baggie underneath the tray.

Jet Pileder.

Mazin Go!

First released at the Tamashii Nations 2017 event last November 29, 2017, this limited edition variation of Gx-70 Dynamic Classics Mazinger Z was also later released again at the Tamashii Website on April 2018.

From what I understand, Chrome Noir Mazinger was made using black chrome finish, similar with making certain types of watches. The effect is very nice. The odd part though is that the actual product does not quite resemble the press release photos. I don’t know if it’s due to lighting or they made changes to the figure?

Scrander Cross!

The finish on this guy is top notch!

As much as I love the finish on this figure, there is a downside. Bandai did remove some accessories to cut down the costs. One such removal is the “Missile Punch” alternate abdomen attachment for Mazinger Z. Sigh…

Likewise, the Scrander no longer comes with the “Southern Cross Knives” ports and is now a full piece.

Bandai did include the Iron Cutter forearms though, in all their diecast glory too. Also included is the optional “high cut” skirt plates. I didn’t want to run the risk of scratching the forearms and skirt plate while removing the default pieces, since it requires a bit picking and pulling things apart so I decided to just skip the whole thing.

For a full list of what’s been removed from the original Gx-70 set, check below, under the “The Bad” section.

Display Base

Note: The clear plastic used for the base has a slightly yellowish tinge by default. This is not due to “years of yellowing” or oxidation, it is like this straight out of the box.

The nameplate comes with a film coat.

Hmm… I don’t see the purpose of including the alternate Scrander belt, as this display base does NOT come with the catapult arm. Where are we supposed to put the Jet Scrander?

Since the “action pose” arm isn’t included, Bandai added a new optional port so you can plug in Mazinger into the arm and base to make him “quake proof”. This port is not included in any of the other Dynamic Classics releases.

Comparison with the regular Gx-70

Comparison with the Gx-01RB.

The Good
-CN Maz weighs 268 Grams and stands roughly 6.75 inches tall. Original Gx-70 weighs 259 Grams. So black chrome coating does add a bit more weight to the figure ( an extra 9 Grams?).

-Excellent chrome finish

The Bad
-Essentially a repaint of the Gx-70 with less accessories.

-Reduced accessories from the Gx-70
–No “Missile Punch” attachment
–No “Mazinger off” alternate eyes
–No Jet Scrander Catapult
–No “Drill Missiles” elbow attachments
–No “Bicep plugs” for covering “launched” Rocket Punch
–No “Southern Cross Knives” port attachments

The Ugly

Well. No quality issues here. Yay.

I guess the main thing about this is that it’s a repaint. So it’s not exactly a must have unless you’re a completionist, or you really like black chromed metal action figures.

Personally, I like it. It looks better than the Gx-01RB. The black chrome finish is a nice touch that I’ve never really seen it up close until now (I’m not into fancy watches) and it makes the figure look elegant and awesome.

The other good thing about this figure is that, even though it is an event exclusive, it came out later on the Bandai Tamashii Website for non-attendees, that makes it more accessible, which translates to the prices on the secondary market being more reasonable (it’s selling roughly close to the SRP of the regular Gx-70 on Ebay as of this writing actually).


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