Soul of Chogokin Gx-70SP Mazinger Z D.C. Anime Color

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-70SP Mazinger Z D.C. Anime Color

Colored illustration booklet

lol… I never knew the Southern Cross Knives were as big as an average person.

Instructions are printed on a separate black and white “fold-out” manual.

Same as the regular Gx-70, we still get the Jet Pileder instead of the Hover Pileder. To transform the Jet Pileder, you have to use swap out the bottoms. The canopy is also now painted instead of clear plastic.

The figure comes with “shut down mode” eyes installed by default, you’ll have to swap pieces out for the “power on” eyes.

Mazin Go!

Pileder On!

At first I was weary of getting this since, it’s another Mazinger (19th Mazinger Z in the line folks!) But seeing this in person, this is pretty amazing. The colors make it look like Mazinger Z stepped right out of the TV screen.

To give Mazinger Z better leg poses, you have to swap out the hip armor and replace it with the one that has the higher cut.

You can also get him to sit down, in case he wants to hang out with S.H. Figuarts Devilman on construction girders for some reason.

Rocket Punch!

Missile Punch!
To do the Missile Punch, you have to swap the abdomen parts out.

Breast Fire!

Jet Scrander
Same deal as with the Gx-70, the wings can be swapped around to create the flight mode. To do this, you have to swap around the Southern Cross Knives plates on the Scrander to complete the look.

Scrander Cross!

Drill Missile

Iron Cutter

Covers for the “launched” Rocket Punch/ Iron Cutter biceps are included.

Southern Cross Knives

Display base

To get the catapult in place, you have to remove the plate cover first.

To get the Jet Scrander into position, you have to equip the alternate “belt” onto the Jet Scrander.

Using the claw arm attachment, you can basically “quake proof” Mazinger Z to the display base.

Unfortunately, the claw attachment does NOT work with the Jet Scrander. They really should’ve designed this optional claw for the support arm better, it can’t hold Mazinger with the Scrander on. There’s literally no way to “quake proof” Mazinger Z with the Scrander on when he’s on the display base.

Optional stand arm B. This is for posing Mazinger in action poses, but only if he does not have the Jet Scrander equipped. As the peg plugs directly into his back.

Sadly, there’s no way to use the stand to get Mazinger into a flying pose.

Comparison with the other Gx-70 molds

With Great Mazinger SP colors release announced. I think it’s very highly likely we’ll see a repainted SP style Gx-70D.

The Good
-DC Mazinger weighs 258 Grams (280 with Scrander) and stands roughly 7″ tall.

-Diecast parts include
–Pileder bottom (for the magnet effect)
–Forearms (shoulders and biceps are now plastic)
–Iron cutter forearms
–Optional “smaller” front waist part
–Lower legs

-Pileder attaches to Mazinger’s head via magnets!

-I found it easier to remove the Scrander belt clasp this time around compared to the original Gx-70.

-Beautifully painted. Like I said, it’s like Mazinger stepped right out of the TV screens. I think this may well be my new “default” Mazinger Z for future group shots.

The Bad
-Hover Pileder NOT included.

-Missing bicep covers for “fired” Rocket Punch (was hoping they would include this)

-2 support arms for the display base, but neither can hold Mazinger in flight pose? What was the point again?

-It’s another repaint.

-It’s the 19th (!!) Mazinger figure in the SOC line, counting repaints and redecos.

-Nothing new added to the accessories.

-Paint is matte finish, so it can scrape off faster than usual paint, be mindful, particularly with the “white” parts of the figure.

The Ugly

It’s an exclusive? I really didn’t have any real issues with the toy other than the fact that it’s a bit more pricey than the standard Gx-70 since it’s a website exclusive. But I think it’s worth the bucks. It looks exactly like what Mazinger looks like in the classic Anime. I just wish they put in more parts, like the Hover Pileder and the pieces from the “Vs. Devilman” set to get a one shot full package. They already do have the molds.

Overall, I recommend this release over the original Gx-70 now actually. I’m really looking forward to the SP colors Great Mazinger and Grendizer (c’mon, you know it’s coming) in light of this guy.

Funfact The Dynamic Classics SOC Gx-70 Mazinger Z mold was actually designed by Sentinel Toys’ Chemical Attack design team. They do pretty amazing stuff when it comes to sculpt work and joint engineering.


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