Soul of Chogokin Gx-72 Daizyujin

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-72 Daizyujin

Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus / Tyrannosaurus Dinozord

Weapons for this unit include lasers from its eyes and mouth, along with a sonic attack called the Tyranno Sonic.

The guns used for the Beast Tank Cannons can be stored in the Tyrannosaurus’ chest cavity.

Guardian Beast Zyu Mammoth / Mastodon Dinozord

Attacks for this unit include the ability to freeze it’s enemies with an attack called the Moth Blizzard

Guardian Beast Triceratops / Triceratops Dinozord

Weapons for this unit are the twin Tricera Cannons on it’s tail and its two horns that can launch with capture chains.

You can actually pop open the Triceratops’ mouth.

Guardian Beast Saber Tiger / Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord

This unit also comes with twin tail guns called the Saber guns.

Guardian Beast Pteranodon / Pterodactyl Dinozord

The only flying unit on the team and can fire lasers from its wings called the Ptero beam.

The full team

“Unite! Dino Mission!”
Beast Tank Dino Tanker mode.

In Dino Tanker mode, it’s primary attack is the Beast Tank Cannons /Jusensha Cannons. Another attack is one where all the beasts fire they eye lasers called the Beast Tank Storm (Jusensha Storm)


The Daizyujin looks really great and the proportions are very good. Thankfully, Bandai didn’t follow the “boxy” look of the actor suit in the TV series 100%. Heh, one of those rare times that “show accuracy” isn’t a good thing.

The Mammoth head forms the shield. While in shield mode it can also fire lasers, which oddly never happened when in mammoth mode in the show from what I gather.

Kyōryūken God Horn (Dinosaur Sword God Horn).

Chō Densetsu Raikō Giri (Super Legendary Lightning Cut)

The Good
The weigh in:

Tyrannosaurus – 320 Grams
Mammoth – 280 Grams
Triceratops – 235 Grams
Saber Tiger – 272 Grams
Pteranodon – 52 Grams

Daizyujin – 1128 Grams

-Daizyujin stands roughly 10.25″ tall. Making him taller than Voltes or Combattler which were 9″ figures.

-Diecast Parts include:
–Tyrannosaurus – Inner chest, hips, connection points for the “leg Zords”, feet claws
–Mammoth – Legs
–Triceratops – main torso, feet claws, tread axle (?)
–Sabertooth Tiger – Chest, claws
–Pterodactyl – Chromed section of the chest plate.

-Good deal of articulation on Daizyujin, especially when compared to the original toy.

-The combined form has a lot more heft than the Legacy reissue which had a fair amount of diecast (779 Grams vs 1128 Grams).

-Good proportions. The Daizyujin never looked better. The old vintage toy seemed too bulky and misproportioned.

The Bad

-No spare hands?

-No display base

-Severely lacking in accessories

-SRP seems a bit high for a property that Bandai supposedly owns, maybe it’s partly due to the rights for the US release?

-The Triceratops’ sides collapse/compress too easily, there’s nothing really holding the expanded sides in position when you pull them out. When you’re trying to hold the Triceratops, the whole thing condenses in your fingertips.

-The tank treads and wheels for the leg Zords do not roll.

The Ugly

Oversimplification? I’m not really a Super Sentai fan (no love for clunky “guys in boxy suits” robots) but I get what Bandai was aiming for with this release, it is an improvement over the original and Legacy versions in terms of poseability, diecast. But somehow it feels like it could’ve been so much more. I was expecting some degree of leg articulation with the mammoth but it’s just almost the same as the original. The same goes for the lacking moving treads for the Triceratops and the wheels on the Saber tooth tiger (static, molded wheels?). The thing doesn’t really strike me as a SOC since it seems like a mere 1.5 version of the 1990s toy.

The price is a major issue for me too, after the awesome release we got with Voltron which ran almost the same price, this figure comes with so much less. There are almost no accessories, no display base. Nada. The SRC version actually came with effects parts like beam effects for the forehead beam and the “cover” for the sword to make it have the lighting effect, why not replicate that here?

The whole thing makes me think this was meant to be a stand alone release under the Power Rangers line that was “shoehorned” into the SOC line.

The only bright spot is how polished everything looks. The quality of the finish is there and it does look great if and it stands out as a shelf display piece. The uncombined form, well, not so much.

Overall, I can’t say I’m impressed with what we got here. It looks great and is posey in the combined form, yes, but somehow it should’ve been something that brought something more to the table and not just tweaked a few things from a two decade old toy and call it a day, especially when you consider the hefty price tag (you ever get the feeling you bought something expensive that was half baked? That’s what I felt as I going through this toy).

Unless you’re a MMPR fan or a completist for the SOC line. I can’t really recommend this figure, sad to say.

Here’s the link to the reissue Legacy Megazord.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Legacy Megazord 25th Anniversary Reissue


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