Soul of Chogokin Gx-74 Getter 1 D.C. Version

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-74 Getter 1 D.C. Version

Getter Machines

Getter Eagle

Getter Jaguar

Getter Bear

Getter 1

For this release, we get optional face plates AND chest plates. This is to reflect the changes in the drawing style of the Anime as the show went on. The eyes became smaller and the chest plate became bigger.

Getter 1 switch on!

Getter Tomahawk!
Be mindful of inserting the tomahawk handle end, the peg and hole aren’t full circles but rather a 3-quarter circle in design, this is meant to prevent the handle end from falling off too easily.

Getter 1’s pilot Ryoma Nagare is trained in martial arts, so the Getter One once used a “chop technique” on an opponent in the show apparently.

Getter Beam!

To simulate the Getter Beam being used, just flip up the “closed” Getter Beam port to the “opened” face. This was actually a clever gimmick. I was half expecting a spring gimmick like with the Aoshima.

Display base

To plug in the Getter Machine catapults, you have to remove pegs at both ends of the display base.

Impressively, Bandai included an optional setup on the display base for the Getter Machines to be displayed, in mid-flight.

Comparison with the Gx-06 Getter Machines (Gx-74 versions on the left)

Yeah, it’s kind of a mixed bag, the Eagle features better sculpting, but the Jaguar and Bear are more impressive from the Gx-06. Unfortunately, the Gx-74 versions all lack diecast bottoms which are present on the Gx-06. It gives the ships a more impressive feel compared to lightweight plastic.

Comparison with the Gx-06 Getter 1


The Getter Robo team!

Yeah, somehow I don’t see Bandai rolling out solo D.C. versions of Getter 2 and 3. So collectors will still need the Gx-06 set to make a display work.

With Gx-73 Great Mazinger, we can do a friendship handshake (Getter comes with a hand specifically for shaking hands) and do the scene from Great Mazinger VS Getter Robo movie (albeit the angle for that shot in the movie is wildy different, from the bottom looking up).

The Good
-Getter weighs 281 Grams and stands 7″ tall.

-Diecast parts include:
–Pelvis plates (both versions)
–Thighs and Lower legs
–Top part of the feet (I think the bottom is plastic?)

-Love that optional display stand for the Getter Machines.

-Can faithfully recreate lots of poses from the Anime.

-The optional face and chest plates are nice addition. At least Bandai didn’t do just the big eyes and small chest take on this guy and called it a day.

The Bad
-Heh, the Gx-06 Getter One is still heavier, it weighs 324 Grams.

-The Getter Machines this time around lack diecast. The Gx-06 versions had diecast bottoms that gave the ships some heft.

-The bluish color does throw me off a bit, but it is Anime accurate. I guess I’m too used to seeing my Gx-06 Getter in pearl white colors. At least it does somewhat still blend in properly with the rest of the Getter Robots.

-The Getter Wing falls off a bit too easily. I think I prefer the design on the Gx-06 Getter Wing attachment port.

The Ugly

I guess the price? I remember back in the day scoring Gx-06 for roughly the same price as a single Gx-74. Granted that was a long time ago but it does seem sad. Ah well.

Overall, Not bad and it does fit in with the D.C. Mazingers decently enough.

But I have to agree with what a friend said though, the figure doesn’t really stand out when on a shelf. It doesn’t “pop” like the D.C. Mazingers, even the Gx-06 stands out better. Maybe it’s the bluish tinge? The finish just comes across as dull for a SOC release somehow.

I think if folks already have the Gx-06 they might be more inclined to stick with that one, since you need it anyway for Getters 2 and 3.


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