Soul of Chogokin Gx-82 Full Action Muteki Kojin Daitarn 3

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-82 Full Action Muteki Kojin Daitarn 3

Daitarn, Come Here!

Daitarn 3!

Daitarn 3 is piloted by Haran Banjo. The premise of the TV show was “what if James Bond was a teenager, piloted his own Super Robot, and basically came from another planet?” Yeah, that about sums it up, no joke.

Daitarn 3’s/ Haran Banjo’s famous opening speech everytime he starts a battle with a Megaborg:

“For Earth, for all mankind, Daitarn 3 will crush the evil ambitions of the Meganoids!
If you don’t fear the shine of this sun, come at me!”

Optional “open mouth” face plate.

While on the topic of face plates, wouldn’t it be something if they included the silly face plates like these from the show (Daitarn got “drunk” in one episode and would not follow Banjo’s commands despite lacking any sentience or A.I., a classic example of the silliness of the show).

Daitarn 3’s Weapons

Daitarn Fan

The fans were used as both melee weapons and as a shield to deflect attacks. In the show they could be combined to form a larger shield, but that feature is not included here.

Daitarn Zamba

Daitarn Javelin

Similar to the Daitarn Fan and Daitarn Zamba, the Daitarn Javelin ejects from Daitarn’s knees.

Daitarn 3’s finishing move:

Borrowing the power of the sun!
Sure kill attack!


Display base

There are two adapters used for the display base arm, both must be used in order to attach Daitarn to the base.

Comparison with the Gx-53 Daitarn 3

Comparison with the Gx-65 Daitarn 3 R

The Good

-Daitarn weighs 283 Grams and stands roughly 7.5 inches tall (counting the tip of his horns). Gx-53 Daitarn 3 weighs 933 Grams.

-Diecast parts include:
–Main joints
–Upper Torso

-Beautifully sculpted proportions and details.

-Lots of accessories and weapons and various hands for added expressive effect.

-Super poseable and is a lot of fun to handle

The Bad

-Non-transforming (but I think we’re all aware of this).

-No Mach Patrol? That would’ve been a nice bonus.

-Lacking a LOT of weapons (Daitarn Hammer, Daitarn Snapper, “combined” fan shield)

-Display base connection has reverted back to how it was with Full Action Voltes V. After the impressive showing and functionality of the new display base arm of the Gx-81 Zambo Ace, I was really hoping that would be the new norm. Alas…

-Again, same with FA Voltes, No ratchet joints, I guess that’s going to be a standard for the entire Full Action series.

The Ugly
There are some markings left on Daitarn where the sprue was cut from the mold. It’s somewhat annoying to see and ruins the aesthetics a bit. There were no such markings on the FA Voltes. This seems to be a general issue on all FA Daitarns and not an isolated case, sad to say.

Overall, a very nice piece. It’s fun to handle, and it poses really well and it catches the eye on any shelf thanks to the bright colors of the silver parts on the figure. For me, this guy outshines the FA Voltes in terms of shelf presence due to the brighter colors and the more visible eyes and face.

Funfact Despite being written by Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino (aka “Kill ‘Em All Tomino) none of the main protagonist die in this series (unlike how it was a year before with heavy protagonist casualties in Zambot 3). That said, the series still does end on a slightly bitter note, with all of Banjo’s crew leaving him for whatever reason all of a sudden.


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