Soul of Chogokin Gx-83 Full Action Tosho Daimos

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-83 Full Action Tosho Daimos

Tranzer Go! Daimos Battle Turn!


Piloted by Kazuya Ryuzaki, Daimos is Earth’s last line of defense against an invasion by the Baam race. A large part of the story is focused on the “Romeo and Juliet” relationship between the hero and his beloved, Princess Erika, of the Baam race.

Thanks to the Full Action’s joint system, you can make Daimos sit down like he’s in a dojo.

Since Daimos’ interface can (somehow) mimic Kazuya’s movements (even though he’s sitting down), the robot can also perform any of Kazuya’s Martial Arts attacks, making it highly versatile and powerful, even without deploying any of its weaponry.

Hissatsu Daimos Kick!

Hissatsu Daimos Chop!

Alternate “open mouth” face plate.

Daimos Weapons

Sou-Ryuu-Ken! (Double Dragon Blade!)

San-Ryuu-Kon! (Triple Dragon Stick)

Deploying as Daimos’ belt, the San-Ryuu-Kon can either be used as a staff or a tri-section staff.

Upgraded Weapons

After the arrival of the Baam scientist Aizam on Earth halfway through the series, the Baam robots become stronger and get near indestructible armor upgrades. Prompting Daimos to receive upgrades as well to combat the new threat.

Battle Break!

Daimo Shaft!

Double Blizzard!

To get the right “look” for the Double Blizzard/ Fire Blizzard, you have to swap out the chest plate first.

Fire Blizzard!

The Fire Blizzard is the upgraded version of the Double Blizzard.

Hissatsu Reppu Seiken Zuki!

Display stand

The display arm really helps hold action poses. But the locking mechanism takes some getting used to.

Comparison with Gx-43 Tosho Daimos

The Good

-Daimos weighs 273 Grams and stands roughly 7 inches tall.

-Diecast parts include:
–Main joints
–Sections of the upper torso
–Lower Legs

-Lots and lots of weapons. This figure easily beats out FA Voltes V and Daitarn 3 in terms of weapon accessories.

-Great proportions! I find FA Daimos better than FA Voltes, Voltes seemed too thin for me, Daimos looks almost like he walked out of the screen for the most part.

-Fun to handle, lots of possible cool poses.

-Swapping the face plate was easier to do here than on the FA Daitarn 3

-Love the little chains for the San-Ryuu-Kon, the original Gx-43 used some sort of cumbersome spring, this feels more natural (although not quite show accurate).

The Bad
-The turrets on Daimos’ helmet don’t turn for “Freezer Blast” attack.

-Despite getting a lot of gear included, the set is still missing some of the classic weapons (Snake Lock, Five Shooter, Foot Cutter Blade, Cross Boomerang, Chain Shark, to name a few).

-No Tryper 75-S or Galva FXII

-Doesn’t transform (just mentioning it here for posterity)

The Ugly

Nope, definitely no qualms for me here. I love this figure! Hands down the best Full Action figure in the Soul of Chogokin line so far. No quality control problems (that I encountered), just lots of pure joy.

Overall, it’s a great figure! I love it. Bandai knocked it out the park with this release. I love the proportions. I now wish that the FA Voltes V had some more bulk to it now after seeing Daimos. Voltes seems too lanky somehow. Maybe they tweaked the Obari designs a bit after the FA started rolling out? I can’t say, but I am glad they didn’t make Daimos skinny. Great work, Bandai design team! Here’s hoping the last two Full Actions (Zambot 3 and Combattler V) don’t disappoint.

Funfact Officially, the credits for creating the “Romantic Trilogy” does not actually belong Tadao Nagahama (though he did create and direct Combattler V and Voltes V and did directing duties only on Daimos). The official credit goes to Saburo Yatsude, which is a pseudonym for the collective production staff of the Toei Company. Toei Animation later stopped using the Saburo Yatsude pseudonym in 1999 and switched to Izumi Todo instead.

Funfact 2 Tadao Nagahama, who directed various hit Super Robot shows such as Brave Raideen (eps 27-50), Combattler V, Voltes V, Daimos and Daltanious passed away in 1980 at the age of 43, after contracting Hepatitis while traveling overseas.

Funfact 3 Tadao Nagahama used the pen name “Akira Aoi” when he made the soundtracks for Combattler V, Voltes V and Tosho Daimos. Yep, apparently, apart from directing the shows, he also wrote the music that went into it.


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