Soul of Chogokin Gx-84 Full Action Zambot 3

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-84 Full Action Zambot 3

*Gasp!* A colored manual for the SOC Full Action subline?? What madness is this??

lol.. seriously though, this s a welcome “development”, considering the last 3 FA figures only got a measly “one page” black and white manual, which is hardly worthy of the Soul of Chogokin brand. But I really love what they did there, even adding pose ideas for the toy. This is how it’s supposed to be. Good job, Bandai guys.

In one of the most obvious cases of messed up scheduling, the Gx-84 was released late August, 2019, while the Gx-85 to Gx-87 (Titanus, Yamato 2202, Getter Emperor) were released way before in Feb, March and July, respectively. I wonder why the delay? Licensing issues most probably? It can’t possibly be an engineering issue since there’re no complex transformation gimmicks here.

The story of Zambot 3 focuses on the story of three refugee families from the ruined planet of Beal. Having escaped the destruction of their home planet caused by the invading Gaizok and their Mecha Boosts, the Jin, Kamie and Kamikita families re-establish new lives on Earth, while secretly preparing for the day when the Gaizok invade Earth as well. They build the Zambot 3 as well as their mothership, the King Beal and have their children, Kappei Jin and his pet dog, Chiyonishiki, Uchuta Kamie and Keiko Kamikita, pilot each component of the machine. Together, they fight to protect a world which despises and blames them for bringing the war to Earth.

Zambot Formation!
Zambot 3 is formed from the combination of the Zambo Ace, Zambull and Zambase units.

Zambot 3’s attacks

Zambot Buster!

Two red discs on Zambot 3’s sides shoot missiles and on occasion, used as self-returning spinning projectiles themselves.

Zambot Grap!

The Zambot Grap are Zambot 3’s sai weapons. They can be combined to form various other weapons such as the Zambot Blow and Zambot Cutter.

Zambot Blow!

Thanks to this unique spare set of hands, you have a lot more pose options for Zambot 3 with the Zambot Blow.

Zambot Cutter! Moon Attack!

An optional “flat surfaced” moon crescent is included, for when Zambot 3 does his Moon attack.

Ion Cannon – sadly, this “final attack” weapon is NOT included with this set. You will have to make do using the Ion Cannon from the Gx-23 set. Admittedly, it is a bit too big for the FA Zambot 3 in terms of scale, but I guess it beats nothing…? You will also need to use the stand for the Ion Cannon from the Gx-23.

“Direct Connection to energy and MCR Circuits! Snychrotron Density 8.75! Bionic Condensers, direct connection!”


Display base

This time around, the adapter plug is plugged into the stand by default, in the previous FA releases, they were packed separately.

Standard Full Action arm, with a locking mechanism that works by pulling and pushing the hinges.

You can try to pose Zambot 3 like he’s trying to do a flying kick pose, thanks to the stand.

With Gx-82 Full Action Daitarn 3


Comparison with Gx-23 Zambot 3

For comparison, Gx-23 stands roughly 10.5 inches tall and weighs 758 Grams.

Comparison with Gx-81 Zambo Ace

For comparison, Zambo Ace stands roughly the same as FA Zambot 3 (roughly 7 Inches) and weighs 239 Grams.

The Good
-Stands roughly 7.5 inches and weighs 255 grams

-Diecast parts include
–Main joints
–Sections of the upper torso
–Lower Legs

-Colored manual!! Hallelujah! I’m glad someone’s paying attention. The black and white manuals came off super cheap.

-Good finish all around! I couldn’t really find any real problems with it (unlike the odd sprue cuts on FA Daitarn’s biceps).

-The Zambot 3 bladed weapons really make this figure pop! He looks really, really gorgeous with his weapons equipped in hand, like a samurai.

The Bad
-No Ion Cannon? C’mon!
-Non-transforming (just stating this for clarification)
-Yep, still no ratchet joints, just like his other Full Action brethren.

The Ugly

Nothing in particular this time around. It looks to be a solid release! I am very happy with this figure.

Overall, same as with the other Full Action SOC releases, I love this release. Super poseability and lots of bladed weapons makes for lots of cool poses! I should try to do proper group shots down the line (hopefully, I will have the free time when FA Combattler rolls out) I do hope they make a Tryder G7 FA to go with the Daitarn 3 and Zambot 3, too, one day. I would prefer this over the just announced SOC Full Action Ideon.

Funfact Directed by Yoshiyuki “Kill ’em All” Tomino, the Father of the original Gundam series, Zambot 3 was the first time in a Super Robot Anime where a lot of the main protagonists were killed off in tragic ways. Zambot 3 is often regarded as an important forerunner of how Real Robot Anime stories would be told.


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