Soul of Chogokin Gx-90 Combattler V Full Action

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-90 Combattler V Full Action

The manual comes with colored brochure that wasn’t included with the earlier Full Action releases like Voltes and Daimos, it only started with the FA Zambot 3.

Be mindful of the orientation when plugging in the tank treads.

Combattler V, the first ever combining 5-man team Super Robot is finally here in the Soul of Chogokin Full Action subline! When the subline was first announced, all six characters were immediately revealed. For some reason, Combattler was left as the last figure to roll out, even being skipped over in terms of numbering. Very strange. Licensing issues?

Impressively, the figure can hold a forward high kick without assistance, especially when one recalls that it doesn’t have ratchet joints. I don’t recommend leaving it like that for long, but, it is cool that it can do this pose, even if for a short while.

Big Blast
Attachment effect for the Big Blast clips onto Combattler’s belt buckle.

lol.. when my 8-year old son saw this, he asked “Dad, why is he firing his private parts?”. I did not have an answer for him. Kids these days…

The Big Blast was modified in later episodes by the animation team with a different looking warhead. Bandai included the new Big Blast in this set.

You can change the warhead tip to reflect the Big Blast Divider attack.

Atomic Burner

Bandai also included the “combined” big Atomic Burner.

Choudenji Yo-yo

To do the Choudenji Yo-yo, you have to use the open hands with the peg holes, so that the effects parts can plug into them.

Also, for Anime-Accuracy, make sure to remove the red hip plates, as these are what the yo-yos form from.

Twin Lancer

Using an alternate shaft for the Twin Lancer, you can “combine” them to form a longer weapon.

Lastly, the set comes with parts for Combattler’s ultimate attack – the Choudenji Spin!

Display base

A connection adapter is plugged in by default but facing the wrong way.

With his Choudenji “brother”, Voltes V.

With his fellow Tadao Nagahama Romantic Trilogy teammates a la “Full Action”.

The Good

-F.A. Combattler stands rough 7 inches and weighs 271 Grams.

-Diecast parts include:
–Main joints
–Sections of the upper torso
–Lower Legs

-Colored brochure! Thankfully, it looks like they’re here to stay.

-Thanks to the display base, we can finally do a “flying” Choudenji Spin pose for a Combattler V figure.

-Super poseable and fun to tinker with, just like all the other Full Action Soul of Chogokins.

The Bad
-No the “big” Chodenji Yo-yo.

-Would’ve been nice to get the Battle Chainsaws, since the tank treads are removable.

-Non-transformable (just saying it for the record).

-Still no ratchet joints, just like all the other Full Action SOC figures.

-While it comes with a lot of stuff, somehow the accessories pale in comparison to the other FA like Daitarn 3, Daimos and Zambot 3.

The Ugly

No quality issues here, but maaan, did this thing get delayed! It got pushed back so much, the Gx-91 Getter 2 and 3 set got released before the Gx-90 FA Combattler V did. Kinda ruins the flow of things, but I guess with a toyline that spans 20 years, hiccups are bound to happen.

Overall, another terrific release under the Soul of Chogokin Full Action Line! Solid joints, great poses! Lots of weapons and accessories to make this figure worth getting. It’s not the top SOC FA release in my book (Daimos and Zambot get that spot), but still a very, very impressive diecast action figure to handle.


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