Soul of Chogokin Gx-96 Getter Robo Go

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-96 Getter Robo Go

Airing back in 1991, Getter Go was originally meant to be a reboot of Mazinger Z for the 90’s. Eventually, the producers decided to turn it into a Getter Robo series due to the complexity of its plot. Unlike other Getter Robo series, the Getter Go mecha would be powered by magnetite G Ore (Anime) or Plasma (Manga) energy, instead of the usual Getter Rays.

The general story also varied widely between the Anime and the Manga. The Anime was a whole new stand-alone series, devoid of any connection to previous Getter sagas in any media. The Manga, on the other hand, was a direct sequel to the events of the original Getter saga Manga created by Ken Ishikawa. The characters didn’t even look the same.

Getter 1

Getter 2

Getter 3

Super Charging Set Up!
Change Getter Go!

Some parts swapping is required to make the combined form look more decent.

The fists need to be swapped out with bigger, alternate versions, otherwise it looks like Getter Go’s got baby hands.

Optional cover plates for the flanks on Getter Go.

Note the orientation of the hip plates, you can’t mix up the left and right plates since the tabs are positioned in a specific way.

Getter Gai’s head tends to fall off way too easily! It’s easier to just take it off before combining.

The manual is a bit messy, but the overlapping wings is supposed to look like this:

Getter Go

The main robot of the Getter Go series. Piloted by Go Ichimonji. Originally launched as a one-manned, non-transforming mech, the Getter Go would eventually be upgraded to become a versatile, three-vehicle combiner by episode 11.

Due to the design of the various transformations involved, the hip area tends to look a bit awkward sometimes.

Knuckle Bomber!

Getter Go’s first ever attack in the Anime was the Knuckle Bomber, the result of an accidental hydraulic malfunction in the machine’s wrist that caused it to propel with incredible force. It would later be improved to become executable on command and kept on as part of Getter Go’s arsenal. The Knuckle Bomber would also be his only special attack until episode 10 of the series.

There’s no firing mechanism on the toy though (no stand to hold the flying fist too, this one is from one of my 3rd party prop stands).

Double Knuckle Bomber!

Leg Blade! – First appeared in episode 14.

The blade accessories are just simply clipped onto the shins of Getter Go.

Boomerang Saucer! – First appeared in episode 11.

To get the blades to pop out, just rotate the center of the Saucers counter-clockwise.

The Saucers can only be pegged onto a specific set of hands included with the set.

Mag Force Thunder – an electric energy attack generated by Getter Go’s wing turbines. First appeared in episode 16.

Sword Tomahawk!

An incomplete version of Getter Go’s final attack is included (the complete version will come with the Gx-96X G-Arm Riser pack). In the Anime, the weapon requires massive amounts of energy to maintain its blade. Prolonged battle will cause the blade to eventually shrink back to its tomahawk mode.

While it is mentioned on the packaging that the “incomplete” Sword Tomahawk can still be used as a melee weapon, we actually never see it happen in the Anime (Getter Gai used it one time in episode 46 though).

Lastly for Getter Go, before any of his fancy weapons were added, Getter Go initially heavily relied on his Handy Missile Cannon weapon to defeat his opponents when the Knuckle Bomber attack couldn’t get the job done. Too bad it isn’t included with this set.

Change Getter Off!

Changer Getter Sho!

Lol… when I first transformed Getter 2, I thought it was missing a hand from the factory. Turns out it really is meant to be just a vacant peg with no right hand (Getter Sho has a drill for a right arm).

Various optional left hands for Getter Sho.

Like Getter Go, Getter Sho also needs the same filler plates for her hips.

Getter Sho

Piloted by Professor Tachibana’s daughter, Sho, Getter Sho is built for speed and air combat.

Breast Bomber! – missiles fired from her… er, chest. Unlike the SOC Mazinger fembot figures, they don’t really shoot on the toy though, here, they’re just detachable.

String Attack! -An energy ribbon attack exclusive to Getter Sho.

Tornado Attack! – spinning drill arm attack.

Getter Sho can also fire the drill section at an enemy as a projectile.

Change Getter Off!

Changer Getter Gai!

This part can be a bit confusing, but remember to fold out this tab so you can plug the Getter 1 wings into the back of Getter Gai.

Alternate “more proportional” head included.

Getter Gai

Piloted by Gai Daido, Getter Gai is the team’s primary unit for undersea and underground battles. Voiced by the legendary Akira Kamiya (the VA behind City Hunter’s Ryo Saeba, Getter Robo’s Ryoma Nagare to name a few), Gai’s animation model looks more like a fit jock as opposed to the usual generic “stocky” third Getter pilot.

Breast Beam! (A chest beam attack similar to Mazinger Z’s Breast Fire).

Harpoon Cannon! (requires parts swapping)

The Harpoon Cannon actually fires anchored missiles that have heavy cables attached to Getter Gai. Too bad we don’t get that cable prop here.

Great Hammer!

I actually don’t remember this weapon appearing in the Anime series? I’ll have to rewatch it to find out when this appeared. The back of the box does mention this as an “original” piece. I guess it’s possibly a concept weapon that never appeared at all in the series then? Curious..

Tomahawk Boomerang! Appearing only in episode 46, Getter Gai picks up the fallen and underpowered Sword Tomahawk and we hear Akira Kamiya shout his famous line from the classic Getter Anime.

Getter Gai also did a unique ramming attack once called the “G Tornado Attack”, where he fired his Harpoon Cannons, anchored them into his opponent, and then yanked itself off the ground with tremendous force, slamming and impaling its enemy with its drill. It only happened one time, in episode 25.

Display base

Glad to see the shiny nameplates are still around for the line.

The optional platforms allow the Getter ships can be loaded onto the display base.

Unfortunately, the display base does not have any hold area for the accessories.

Display base set up for Getter Go.

Display base set up for Getter Sho. An entirely different display arm is used.

Since Getter Gai is highly unlikey to topple over while on the display base, he’s the only one that does not have any attachment pieces to the base.

The Good
-Getter Go stands roughly 8.25 inches and weighs 355 Grams.

-Getter ships weigh:
–Getter Go- 121 Grams
–Getter Sho- 94 Grams
–Getter Gai- 141 Grams

-Diecast parts include:
–Main Joints connecting to the torso of each mech
–Getter Go’s chest
–Getter Sho’s torso
–Getter Gai’s shoulders

-Transformation is practically spot on to the Anime.

-Connections are decently solid and well executed.

-Each unit comes with their own specific accessory. I was half-expecting Getter Sho to not have anything. Nice work, Bandai.

-Considering it’s a multi-transforming, diecast figure, the price is surprisingly very, very decent.

-Great Hammer “bonus” accessory is a nice add-on. It at least gives Getter Gai something, instead of having no accessories for it.

The Bad

-No diecast feet for the Getter Go, but can’t be helped.

-Transformation involves some parts swapping, but can’t be helped.

-In case you missed it, no waist joints on Getter Go, or Sho, but can’t be helped.

-No accessory storage on the display base.

-No Handy Missile Cannon for Getter Go.

-No Harpoon Cannon cables for Getter Gai.

-No firing mechanism for Getter Go’s Knuckle Bomber? Aww!

The Ugly
No real quality control issues here, thankfully. Seeing those small, default, “baby” hands on Getter Go and Sho do freak me out a bit though. Lol..

Overall, it’s very good, all things considered. It’s a multi-transforming figure that gets almost everything from the Anime right, with a fair amount of diecast and all at a very, very good price. The combination is good, with nothing floppy or annoyingly comes apart. I’m actually considering getting extras to display in each mode. There are some very minor negatives but it’s all mostly from understandable limitations in engineering to keep the costs down, not really deal-breaking issues.

The only real downside for me personally, is the lack of feeling cold metal when handling Getter Go’s legs, but it’s understandable since they form Getter Gai’s arms and and serious heft there would probably be a stability problem.

Funfact: The Getter Gai mecha only appeared once in the entire 7 tankoubon Manga run.

Funfact 2: Getter Sho is not really required to maintain Getter Go’s form, as seen in the final battle when latter still fought on even after losing its Getter 2 “backpack”.

Funfact 3: Getter Robo Go was released in the US as Venger Robo, both for the Anime and as the Manga, with the Manga following the original Ken Ishikawa plotline instead of the non-canon Anime. All 7 Getter Go tankoubon have been translated and released by Viz Media. I think it’s the only OG Getter Saga Manga to get a US release?

Funfact 4: The series is also sometimes referred to by Toei as “Goldbang” for some reason. Lol… I can’t even say that with a straight face…


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