Soul of Chogokin Gx-97 Daileon

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-97 Daileon

Premiering back in 1985, Megabeast Investigator Juspion/ Space Wolf Juspion was a live-action Tokusatsu TV series under the Metal Hero Series franchise. The story focused on Juspion and his mission to stop Satan Gorth, a being made from the negative energy from the cosmos, from awakening his Megabeasts and taking over the galaxy.

The series was notably a huge hit in Brazil.


An orphan raised by the scientist, Eijin, Juspion dons his Metal-Tech suit made from Eijinium to fight the forces of Satan Gorth.

The figure is a static action figure, lacking any articulation, it also comes with a pedestal to help him stand up indefinitely. His Plasma Blazer Sword is molded into his hand and cannot be removed.

The name “Juspion” is actually a blend of the words “Justice” and “Champion”.

Chō Wakusei Sentō Bokan Daileon (Super Planetary Battleship Daileon)

Included with the set are Juspion’s motorcycle, Iron Wolf, and the flying “Combat Tank Garbin”. Both can be parked in the front launch section of Battleship Daileon. The Combat Tank cannot transform its center unit into the Garbin Jet though.

Flight stand for Battleship Daileon.

Cho Wakusei Sento Kyojin Daileon (Super Planetary Combat Giant Daileon)

Juspion’s ultimate weapon against the corrupted Megabeast forces of Satan Gorth, the Super Planetary Combat Giant Daileon. A huge giant fighting machine, it has very limited special attacks, namely its red chest and eye beams (Daileon Beam) and its finishing move, the Cosmic Crash, where the Daileon lunges at its opponent and slams into them with its charged fists, striking a killing blow.

Daileon Beam!

Cosmic Crash!

Daileon comes with its Golden Sword (Ogon no Tsurugi) from the final battle of the show against Satan Gorth. It’s its only weapon accessory.

Daileon’s ultimate attack while using the Golden Sword is called the “Daileon Cosmic Harley”.

The Good
-Daileon stands roughly 7.5 inches and weighs 468 Grams.

-Diecast parts include:

-Very impressive amounts of diecast on this one. You can feel the heft when you lift him out of the tray.

-Very nice homages to the vintage toy, down the vintage-styled packaging.

-A decently painted Juspion figure included.

-Very posey and fun to handle.

The Bad
-Not much in terms of accessories.

-No real display base?

-Flight stand should’ve came with a proper nameplate.

-Juspion is a static figure.

-No Garbin Jet included.

-No Styrofoam tray?

The Ugly
No quality control issues here, thankfully.

The price maybe? It can be a bit steep, considering I paid for less and got more engineering “bang for the buck” with Gx-96 Getter Go, compared to what I got here.

Overall, A beautiful, chunky, solid, heavy, transforming figure. It’s an amazing update to the classic Popy toy, with heavy homages and big nostalgia factor. Given how popular this show was back in the day for Brazil, I can see why Bandai made this guy.

It is a bit pricey though since it is a Tamashii Website/ P-Bandai (Premium Bandai) exclusive. It doesn’t come with much in terms of accessories either. But considering what little the Bandai team had to work with in terms of weapons and accessories, it is what it is. It’s not exactly on my SOC wishlist but it’s still worth getting even as a casual pick up, no regrets here.

Funfact: In case you missed it, in the series, Juspion rides his Iron Wolf bike into the Garbin tank, which serves as the seat for the tank. In turn, the Garbin tank then docks with Battleship Daileon to serve as the brain module/ control center for Combat Giant Daileon after it transforms (similar to the Hover Pileder from Mazinger Z).


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