Soul of Chogokin Gx-XX-01 XX Plan Secret Super Weapon Set 01

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Soul of Chogokin Gx-XX-01 XX Plan Secret Super Weapon Set 01

A mini comic is included with the manual, telling the background story of why the Super Weapons were made. Pretty much it’s Ankokou Daishogun leading an all out assault so the brain trust of the Go Nagai Super Robots cook up new “ultra-powerful” upgrades to deal with the situation.

It’s a shame we never got a proper classic Kotetsu Jeeg in the Soul of Chogokin line. It seems kind of wrong not having him in the group, or at the very least, a Getter Robo G team a la Dynamic Classics.

The set is a throwback to the original Jumbo Machineder weapons set, Bandai decided to try releasing an update to it in the Soul of Chogokin line for the Dynamic Classics subline.

The original pieces are featured in the manual.

The set includes an unpainted plastic Mazinger Z, meant to represent the vintage Jumbo Machineder toy.

The “statue” does sport some articulation in the shoulders and wrist.

Missiles from the Rapid Fire set can be mounted on the statue’s legs and shoulders.

The set comes with a Hover Pileder for Mazinger Z, this is the same Hover Pileder from the “Mazinger Z Vs. Devilman” set.

Mazin Go!

[Secret Super Weapons XX-1 Rocket Punch

Designed by Koji’s father, Kenzo Kabuto, these new Rocket Punches propel forward with the power of 30,000 horsepower and flies at the speed of Mach 8, easily smashing something as big as the 186-Meter tall Black Four Dam (Japan’s Kurobe Dam?) with a single punch.

XX-2 Koushiryoku Hoono Gun (Photon Power Flame Gun)

Based on Photonic Energy experiments done in the Antarctic, the Photon Power Flame Gun is capable of emitting ultra-high temperature plasma of up to 8500 degrees using Photon Energy, which is stronger than Uranium. Even 50,000-ton icebergs in the Southern Ocean would melt away in seconds.

XX-3 Rapid Fire 6-shot Missile

Made in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force UFO Defense Headquarters (Space Science Laboratory from Grendizer?), each warhead is equipped with a super Hydrogen bomb (100 Megatons). Firing at a speed of Mach 12, it can easily penetrate a through a 30-meter thick iron wall. Armed with a fully automated tracking device, it can chase down enemies up to a distance of three and a half times the circumference of the Earth (40,075 Km x 3.5)

XX-4 Light Speed Breaker Disk

Based on the flying disc Trikelger (?) from the Dark Nebula, it is the most powerful Secret Super Weapon. Flying at a super speed of Mach 26 at 30,000 rpm, it slices through everything it comes into contact with, even the Himalayan mountains.

XX-5 Strange Magnetic Arm

Applying the power of the magnetic monster Magnetron that lives in the Ural mountains (in Russia?), this weapon has a strong magnetic force capable of shifting the magnetic north of the Earth into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Careful use should be taken, as using it for too long or setting the output too high could cause serious incidents.

The arm attaches to the underside of the MiniFo, where there’s a small magnet piece at the bottom.

Never thought we’d see the day where Grendizer would require special weapons to deal with a puny MiniFo…

XX-6 Megaton Crane
100000t Megaton Sphere
5000t Megaton Sphere

Originally intended to turn the Gobi Desert into a large farm, this weapon is made from ultra-hard special metal, ZZ alloy. It never bends or breaks no matter how heavy the load. Can lift up to 5 million people at a time.

You can choose whether to hang the 5000T or the 100000T sphere on the toy (just like in the vintage one).

Display Base

I forgot to take a picture of it in all the excitement, but you can equip all of the Secret Super Weapons onto the Mazinger statue by swapping out the forearms for display purposes.

Super Secret Weapons Go!

Dynamic Classics galore

When Bandai first started this subline, I never thought it would get this far this fast. That’s considering they haven’t even done SP color versions Grendizer and Getter.

Supposedly, Ankokou Daishogun/ Great General of Darkness is getting a cloth cape with gold chrome version release in 2021, alongside the R versions of Doublas M2 and Garada. Sigh…

The Good

The Mazinger “statue” stands roughly 6.75 inches and weighs 52 Grams.

Weapons weigh in:

XX-1 Rocket Punch – 0 Grams (lol… it’s very light plastic so it doesn’t register on my scale)
XX-2 Koushiryoku Hoono Gun (Photon Power Flame Gun) – 20 Grams
XX-3 Rapid Fire 6-shot Missile – 25 Grams
XX-4 Light Speed Breaker Disk – 16 Grams
XX-5 Strange Magnetic Arm – 21 Grams
XX-6 Megaton Crane – 26 Grams

-Each unit has diecast parts in the forearm section, with the exception of Mazinger Z’s Rocket Punches.

-Weapons can be mounted on the Mazinger Z statue. Just swap out the forearms.

-Another chance to grab the Hover Pileder in case you missed the Devilman set.

-“Firing” Rocket Punches in the DC subline! About time!

-The props actually have some decent amount of play value, all things considered.

The Bad
-Rocket Punches are plastic. A safety precaution?

-Despite being labeled in tons, these balls are plastic as well. Would’ve been nice if they were real nuggets of metal.

-Set is just an add on accessory for the SOC DC line, no point in getting it if you don’t have any of the DC releases.

-Be careful, the Rapid Fire missiles actually do travel far. So you can easily loose the pieces or worse, hit yourself in the eye.

The Ugly

Zero paint on the Mazinger Z statue.. c’mon Bandai. At least you could’ve used colored plastic or something. Heck, even gray would’ve been a nice alternative.

Overall, kinda.. meh? The set is obviously targeted mainly at completists and folks who still remember the old Jumbo Machineder toys (from 50 years ago… wow). It’s nice but seems superfluous and unnecessary. I don’t really recommend this unless you’re all in for the Dynamic Classics Subline.

Bandai also teased a vehicle unit that was supposed to follow up to this release, but seeing as how this set is already hitting clearance prices in some places, I wonder if that will still happen?


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