Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Angels

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Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Angels

For the unfamiliar, Mazinger Angels is a comic book spin-off of the female characters from the Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and UFO Grendizer series.

Only in this alternate reality, the original male heroes don’t exist(for example, Tetsuya, the pilot of Great Mazinger, is cast as a pet dog)

The female Heroines take center stage and receive their orders from a mysterious “boss” a la Charlie’s Angels.

Please click on the smaller images (thumbnails) for larger pics.

Queen of Gold
-comes with Golden Staff, Queen’s Pileder and a chest piece (sorry I forgot what it’s called at the moment)

Regular and upgraded versions of the Angels:


In the Manga, Minerva has two forms, regular and “Demon” form


Aphrodite A

Mazinger Blade!!

Other Weapons:
The Angels’ weapons were mostly based on their designs from “Oppai” missiles (Oppai is Japanese for Breasts)

Diana A
-Screw Crusher Oppai Missiles
-Liquid Shooter(a variation of Grendizer’s Hydro Phasers/ Grender Shower attack)

[Color=orange]Aphrodite A[/color]
-Iron Cutter(from Mazinger Z’s weapons)
-Megaton Hammer

-Boost Hurricane
-Drill Pressure Oppai Missiles

(left to right)Queen of Gold, La Sirene de Noir, Snow White

Based from the cover of the Japanese Manga

Click here to download zip files of English fan-translated comics of the Mazinger Angel’s adventures(warning: contains some mature content and violence):

…Unfortunately, they never got around to continuing the translations after issue nine of the Manga.


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