Soul of Popynica Px-04 Shin Mazinger Hover Pileder

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Soul of Popynica Px-04 Shin Mazinger Hover Pileder

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The Styrofoam box is the same as the Px-01 Pileder, down to the “Z” logo up front.

Manual. It’s a bit of a problem to get the base sticker out since the bag is heat-sealed, so you have to cut open the bag to get to the sticker.

New Koji is a repaint of the old figure (with white helmet now!) with “palms down” hands. The new Koji has a problem standing up due to the left leg being somewhat “bow-legged”, it took some fixing with hot water to soften the leg and reposition it before I could make it stand properly, a friend of mine also has this problem with his figure. This was not an issue with the Px-01 Koji.

New C0ckpit.

Comparisons with the Px-01 Hover Pileder

Notable differences :
-Different shade of red and silver paint
-New front grill
-New protruding metal portion near the canopy
-New control panel
-Red painted propeller wings
-Koji’s helmet is now white and his uniform is lighter colored.


Not bad, it’s not exactly a complete reissue. The only real problem would be how difficult it still is to get Koji inside the pilot’s seat. I almost popped his head off and the gun on his hip still gets in the way when he’s sitting down (sigh.. “10 years of SOC Engineering!” ).


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