Soul Spec Tamashii Exclusive Gillgazamune from Metal Armor Dragonar.

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Soul Spec Tamashii Exclusive Gillgazamune from Metal Armor Dragonar.

The big bad mech from Metal Armor Dragonar. There have been three pilots of this machine (Gol Jem, Hydelnecken and Dolchenof). This color variation is from the final battle in the series. Piloted by Dolchenof.

Chest missiles

Shoulder armor missiles.

Errr… crotch missile!!!!

Wow… a purple missile. Phallic, yes?

Gillgazamune comes with several swords.

Two blades, one handle? Cost cutting measure?



Display base

Gillgazamune stands roughly 9.5 inches tall and weighs about 424 Grams

Diecast parts include
-Primary joints
-“Crotch missile” mechanism
– Feet(?)

This thing just towers over all the other Soul Specs.

Despite it’s size and heavy attack power, the Gillgazamune has two critical weaknesses, one is its strain on the pilot over extended battles. To the point that it kills the pilot himself. The second weakness is a glitch that overloads the tracking computer and renders the unit unable to attack (whenever two enemy units overlap, the AI goes wonky). This was how Dragonar 1 was able to beat the machine twice (Hydelnecken and Dolchenof)

Overall, I like it. We only have a handful of “Bad guys” in Chogokin form and this is one of those rare ones that look good and is exceptionally tall. The design is great, the figure is super posey and has a good amount of weight to it. The price is on the heavy side though.

My only real problem is that my unit arrived without the mailer box (it’s a Tamashii Exclusive, so it should have one) Plus the main box has had better days. Does anyone know if this toy actually does have a mailer box if it’s shipped straight from Bandai?


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