Soul Spec XS-02 SPT(Super Powered Tracer)-LZ-00X Layzner

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Soul Spec XS-02 SPT(Super Powered Tracer)-LZ-00X Layzner


I had originally passed on this since it wasn’t exactly a part of the Soul of Chogokin line but instead was an “offshoot” line. I had also read reviews of the toy having some problems with the armor plates being easily warped. Even worse, the first Soul Spec toy, the EVA-01, is notoriously known as one of the worst toys Bandai has released.

Fortunately, the Soul Spec XS-02 doesn’t have the aforementioned armor warping problem or the easy breaking joints of the EVA-01.

The pilot figure of Eiji Asuka is included.. unfortunately, to fit in the pilot seat, the legs had to be cut off LOL ;D

Opening pilot c0ckpit


Lazer rifle

Grenade Launcher

Calf Missile

The laser rifle can also be mounted on the backpack.

Knuckle Shot
In the series, the armor plating on the SPTs had the ability to diffuse lasers, so the Knuckle shots were one way of getting through the enemy armor.

The SPT Layzner had one unique ability not present in other SPT units, it could power up and enter “V-MAX” mode. In this mode, the Layzner emits a blue magnetic aura making it invincible and speed is greatly increased (hence the name “Blue Comet”).

After the V-MAX system shuts down, the heat radiation hatches open.

Halfway through the series the Layzner gets an upgrade, and is now called “New Layzner”. The upgrade parts are included in this toy.

Armor removed.

Differences in parts (New Layzner parts on the right)

Similar to the Layzner, the New Layzner also has the opening radiation heat hatches for post V-MAX mode.

Last but not least, Bandai included an electronic stand base. The stand can emit 8 sound effects and 14 speeches. The upper buttons toggle the sound. pressing the center buttons activates the sound. The green buttons are for sound effects, the red buttons are for the speech patterns. The only parts that light up are the two small squares in the center.

The stand nicely supports the Layzner in a variety of poses.


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