Soul Spec XS-05 Dragonar-1 Opening Silhoutte

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Soul Spec XS-05 Dragonar-1 Opening Silhoutte


Internal Metal Skeleton

Armor parts attached

A possible problem with the plastic armor is this ball joint in the leg armor. It does feel somewhat brittle. Another problem is the loose armor parts. I would have preferred Bandai fixed the armor in place instead of making it “removable”. The parts pop off too easily in the groin area and backpack.

This is one toy I’m glad I backtracked. I used to draw this mech back in high school before I knew who he was (from images from the Newtype magazine). I really like the hawk-shaped canopy of Dragonar’s head.. I guess it reminds me of the helmets from G-Force. 🙂

The boosters also have “covers” as seen in the Anime.


Hand Rail gun

Hybrid Shield

Forearm-mounted throwing bomb

Forearm-mounted ammo clips

Combat Knife

Laser Sword

The “Lifter” jet pack is also included with this toy. The Lifter is entirely plastic.

The Lifter’s wings also has joints.

Display stand

The display stand is fashioned after the catapult launching platform in the Metal Armor Dragonar Anime series. The slots for the feet are mobile, no launching spring-loaded catapults though.

The stand allows a wide variety of action poses.

From the Opening scene.

I really love the poseability of this toy, it’s like a cross between Revoltech and SOC. The only negative thing is removable armor.


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