Soul Spec XS-06 Dragonar-1 & Cavalier 0

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Soul Spec XS-06 Dragonar-1 & Cavalier 0


Throwing bomb


Hybrid Shield

Assault Knife

75mm hand rail gun LPS9 type

Laser sword.

Two laser swords combine to become a lancer.

With the XDFU-01 Lifter 1.

With the original Lifter. The XDFU-01 Lifter 1 comes with missile pods.

Adjustable thrusters and wings.

Catapult display base.

XC-00 Cavalier 0

To attach the Cavalier on the Spec Dragonar-1 , the Dragonar-1’s shoulder pads have to be removed first.

With the original Dragonar-1

Except for the painted biceps, the internal skeletons are identical.

The original Dragonar-1 with the XDFU-01 Lifter 1.

Personally, I prefer the original Dragonar-1, mainly due to the cooler, “hawk-like” look of the helmet. The “improved” Dragonar-1 has a simpler helmet design. Accessory wise they have more or less the same accessories except for the addition of the Bazooka and the improved Lifter pack and the Cavalier.


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