Soul Spec XS-07 Nadesico Black Serena

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Soul Spec XS-07 Nadesico Black Serena from “Martian Successor Nadesico Motion Picture: The Prince of Darkness”.

Akito Tenkawa’s Aestivalis Custom.



Knuckle shot.

Unfortunately, the diecast parts are only limited to only the Aestivalis’ legs for the whole set.

They also included a optional “weathered (messy paint)” alternate head for the Aestivalis Custom from the last scene of the movie (Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of this).

With the Gx-01R Mazinger Z

The Black Ghost.

It’s primary weapons are the guns mounted on the Aestivalis’ arms and insane amount of manuverability and teleportation.

Display stand

With the high mobility unit armor attachments.

The scene from the final battle.

Attaching the Black Sarena parts can be a bit daunting at first, especially when attaching this part.

The weigh-in is as follows:
Aestivalis Custom : 100 Grams
Black Sarena : 300 Grams
Black Sarena with High Mobility unit: 400 Grams

Overall, the Black Sarena isn’t that impressive, it’s a bit small and not very poseable (except for the tail). The diecast parts only limited to the Aestivalis’ legs and lower torso, the rest of the toy is all plastic.


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