Soul Spec XS-10 Heavy Metal L-Gaim MK-I

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Soul Spec XS-10 Heavy Metal L-Gaim MK-I

Another release for the Soul Spec line, this time from the Anime series Heavy Metal L-Gaim.

Spiral Flow hover bike (docking mode on the right).

Randum Slates

Land Booster “Right” back pack

Binder Shield

Forearm mounted Saber.

Combined Sabers form the Lancer.

Coupling cables to the L-Gaim;s torso will make the “Hand Launcher” into a “Power Launcher”.

Buster Launcher. It supposedly only appeared in the final episode of the series.

Three cables are needed to power up the Buster Launcher.

As an added bonus, a non-scaled kit of Lilith Fau’s LilisGaim is included, note that one of her weapons is a spoon.

Comparison With the Gx-01R Mazinger Z

As cool as this figure is, most of the diecast is only in the legs and feet, with not much armor to “peel off” unlike the Dragonar and Layzner save for the legs’ Randum Slates. The L-gaim weighs roughly 200 Grams.

The upside is that L-Gaim’s legs can fold higher than this, the downside is, the joints are so tight, I didn’t dare attempt it. But if you check you can see the L-Gaim sitting on it’s lower leg.

Another disappointing fact is that there aren’t any ratchet joints in this figure (actually all of the Soul Specs don’t have ratchet joints). Also, there’s no display stand for the L-Gaim.

I think the Xs-05 Dragonar is still my favorite so far in the Soul Spec line.


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