Soul Spec XS-11 Falguen

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Soul Spec XS-11 Falguen

I think I must’ve put off buying this guy for more than a year, I always never seemed to have any luck getting one at a good price… until recently.



75MM Hand Rail Gun SSX9

Forearm-mounted Laser swords.

Forge Unit (M.A.F.F.U.)

The Forge Unit’s wings can be folded down.

Display Stand – unlike the Dragonar Stands, it doesn’t come with the Catapult pieces.

With the Soul Spec Dragonar

Falguen is heavier than the Dragonar, 184 Grams vs. 150 Grams.

I love how Bandai decided to ship the Falguen with most of the armor parts attached, as opposed to the Dragonars 1-3, where you have to manually attach the parts to the metal skeleton. It gets tedious after a while.


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