Soul Spec XS-12 Tekkaman Blade and Pegas

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Soul Spec XS-12 Tekkaman Blade and Pegas

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Tek Set!

Tekkaman Blade!

Tek Lancer

Tek Shield



Tekkaman eventually loses his ability to transform due to his crystal being shattered in battle. Henceforth, it was only through merging with Pegas that D-Boy could transform into Tekkaman Blade.

Pegas Tek Set!

Bandai cheated a little here, you can’t fit in Tekkaman as is, instead, you have to swap out the head with the unpainted dummy head due to the antennae. But I prefer to not attach a head at all, since the neck peg might get damaged with repeated wear and tear.

Pegas Flight mode

Pegas opens up just like in the Anime to allow Tekkaman Blade to pop out quickly after transforming, but sadly, there’s no “eject” button or gimmick here to pop out Tekkaman Blade. (I think?).

Display base (if you’ll notice above in the Tek Lancer image, you can stand the display base differently and make it look like the background prop. )

High Colt Voltekka

The Good
-Tekkaman’s very posey!


-Diecast parts are

-The pin in Tekkaman’s ankles

-Pegas’ biceps, thighs (hollow) and back part of the torso.

-Pegas weighs roughly 400 Grams while the Tekkaman weighs 80-100Grams.

The Bad
-Possible breakage point? I gotta say, the long, skinny necks on those plastic wrist pegs don’t look durable to me.

-Almost no diecast on Tekkaman Blade

-Unpainted extra head.

-Really hard to get the Tek Lancer into the fists, possible damage later due to repeated weapon swaps (just like in the SOC Battle Fever J)

The Ugly
Hmm.. nothing terrible here, just the obvious lack of diecast on Tekkaman Blade. But thankfully the toy doesn’t break or anything that extreme (yet).

In conclusion, not a bad Soul Spec figure, but it is relatively very pricey. Each Spec release seems more expensive than the last and comes with less and less diecast, it is becoming disappointing to a certain level. But if you’re a Tekkaman Blade fan, then this figure won’t disappoint.


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