Soul Spec XS-14 &15 Dragonar-2 & 3

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Tamashii Exclusives
Soul Spec XS-14 Dragonar-2
Soul Spec XS-15 Dragonar-3

(Whoops, forgot to take a pic of the trays for Dragonar 3, I’ll add them in when I get the time)

Bandai really milked the mold on this one. All Dragonar Specs have the same “skeleton” design.

Dragonar 2

280MM Rail Cannons

The Rail Cannons are a huge pain to attach. It requires a lot of force to pop them into place. You will hear a loud SNAP when you do it. Not really good for one’s nerves to repeatedly do. Likewise, I’m not sure if the joint will break if done repeatedly either.

Dragonar 3

Assault knives


Foldable wings

Display stand – same as the one on Dragonar 1

Adjustable “catapult” sliders

Using the display bases’ arms you can cool action poses.

Dragonar Team

So far, I really love this set. Even though I’ve never watched a single episode of the series, the mech designs look really cool (okay, maybe except for Dragonar 3, that was less cool ) and the Soul Specs capture the looks very well. The only real downside is the price of the set (damn exclusives).


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