Soul Stage – Act Soul of Chogokin display base

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Soul Stage – Act Soul of Chogokin display base

Removing the cover for the accessory tray can be a bit hard on the first try, I recommend using a screw driver to make things go easier. Once you pop it the first time, future attempts can be easily done with bare hands.

Removable and reversible covers for “linking” the stands together.

Hmm… but no removable covers for possible optional name plates… too bad.

All dressed up.

Because advertising works (and I’m gullible) .. I went and got 3.

Daitarn’s fin can get in the way.

Personally though, after opening and displaying 3, I don’t like this stand that much (yeah… I know) . I dunno, after all the hype, it seems kind of bland. I guess it works better with Metal Build Figures but as far as SOCs go, it sort of lacks something. Lights maybe? Name plate slots? Stickers?!! If you’re on the fence for this thing, I would say skip it.


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