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Be mindful that the tires are one-time assembly, so don’t press them in all the way if you plan to return the toy back into the box. The same also goes for the windshield, but you can try to pry the windshield off by dismantling the halves of the Spider-mobile and pushing the windshield tabs out from the inside.

Debuting way back in Amazing Spider-man #130 in 1974, the Spider-mobile (originally called the “Spider-Buggy”) was a project designed by Peter Parker and Johnny Storm (the Human Torch), together with Corona Motors to produce a non-polluting automobile. The car would eventually be lost while Spidey fought Mysterio, and later be repurposed by the Tinkerer into trapping Spider-man in the vintage comics. More recently, it was briefly seen in “Into the Spider-verse” movie as a sentient car from another universe.

Stickers for the hubcaps. I wish Hasbro used actual hubcaps instead.

Stickers for headlights too.

I also wish they painted the weblines to make the vehicle look more interesting.

The dashboard has very little details as well. This is where some stickers would’ve been welcome.

The set comes with a lantern that can be attached to the rollcage.

Foot peg hard point at the back for figures to “ride” on.

Lastly, the set comes with a Miles Morales Figure, even though Miles is hardly old enough to drive.

As the Spider-mobile was originally made for Peter Parker back in the day, I find it really weird that we get Miles in this set instead of Peter. Miles never even gets his own Spider-mobile in any media.

While this toy was meant to tie into the second Spider-verse movie, Miles here is sporting his costume from the comics and game, and not really looking like his “Into the Spider-verse” counterpart.

The figure only sports seven points of articulation, which isn’t too shabby.

Miles stands roughly 6 inches tall.

Hmm.. now that I’ve placed Miles next to the Spider-mobile, it seems a bit too small for him?

Thankfully he fits in just fine.

Of course, you can also try putting in standard-sized Marvel Legends as well (particularly Peter Parker Spider-man, naturally). It’s a bit of a tight fit, but it will work.

Again, a bit of a tight squeeze, but once you get clear of the steering wheel, his legs go in nice and easy. Obviously, it’s easier to fit figures in the passenger seat.

While the original Spider-mobile in the 1970s couldn’t stick to walls, it could still shoot webs and project a Spider-signal to scare criminals, plus it also had ejector seats. That was pretty much all there was to Spidey’s “first (and only) car”.

Probably, another good reason to pick this up is because it appeared in the “Into the Spider-verse” movie as Peter Parkedcar of Earth-53931, where cars are sentient beings.

Overall, I can’t really complain. It’s a bit overly-simplified but, it is what it is and I am glad to be able to grab this somewhat iconic vehicle while it was on sale to go with the rest of the Spider-verse collection I’m building. The toy may not exactly win toy of the year, but it does a great job of providing my Marvel Legends Spider-man and his pals with some wheels (which, ironically, the actual Marvel Legends line has yet to successful produce).


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