Spin Master 3.75” Batman and 2-in-1 Batmobile

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Spin Master 3.75” Batman and 2-in-1 Batmobile

The Batman figure comes with random (?) accessories included. Too bad they’re not really all meant for him.

After Mattel lost the DC toys license to Spin Master Toys and Mcfarlane Toys, I figured I’d try out what Spin Master had to offer during a local mall weekend sale.

Sadly, my Batman figure has a poorly painted chin. Not off to a good start there, Spin Master.

Articulation-wise, it’s pretty decent, it’s not as good as say Hasbro’s G.i. Joe “Pursuit of Cobra” but it’s certainly better than a 5 POA figure.

At least it came with a Batarang.

Batman also comes with this random (?) assortment of … stuff.

The Batmobile.

I can see some resemblance to the White Knight mini-series Batmobile here. Coincidence?

The vehicle is just a single-seater. Figures can get inside the vehicle by flipping the roof hatch.

The Batmobile features a secondary vehicle inside, the Batboat. The gimmick design is actually very, very similar to the old 1992 Kenner Toys Batman the Animated Series Batmobile.

The Batboat

The underside of the Batboat actually has wheels for it to roll on.

Na-na-na-nana Batboat!

Overall, a fairly decent “evergreen” (always has to be present in store shelves regardless if there’s a movie or a TV series present when released) Batmobile and Batman figure.

The Batmobile certainly ticks all the right boxes (including cool aesthetics with a fair price point) and it doesn’t ruin the visual effect with some stupid, gawdy “firing neon projectile” that Mattel loved to do back then.

Unfortunately, the Batman figure itself is a bit of a letdown, particularly when it comes to the face paint and play value. I hope Spin Master can go one better when they do the upcoming “The Batman” movie related figures and Batmobile.


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