Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Proton Pack Replica

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Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Proton Pack Replica

Box spans 13 x 7 x 22.5 inches.

Spirit Halloween decided to put bubble wrap on these points to avoid damage. This is the only packaging you get aside from the box itself, no trays or anything for internal packing support.

The Neutrino Wand

The wand can be mounted on this port. It’s not a solid lock but it does ok, the wand kinda just hangs there.

Based on early reviews, the straps for the pack was one of the issues with this set. Collectors found the straps were too thin (like literal 1-inch straps only). I guess Spirit Halloween heard their complaints and did something about it. The straps that came with my unit were thicker compared to the versions on Youtube. So I’m guessing this is a second version release?

The battery pack is stowed away on the strap side of the pack, just lift up the velcro strip to reveal the pack.

The Proton Pack runs on 3x AA batteries.

Note that there is a primary switch on the opposite side of the battery cover. lol! I completely missed this and thought my unit was broken when I first tried to activate it via the switch on the Neutrino Wand.

Here’s a quick demo of the Proton Pack in action. The lights and sound run for about 20+ seconds or so before automatically shutting off.

Click on thumb to view demo

Light up effects include:
-Light up bar graph on the pack
-Light and sounds on the cyclotron on the pack
-Lights on the Neutrino Wand nozzle.

Plus some sounds.

Overall, this is a steal if you can spot it for $70 over on Amazon (it comes and goes on the listings, sells out and restocks a few months later around Halloween, alternately you can also buy it from the Spirit Halloween online shop but it’s only exclusive to USA customers/ USA only credit card holders). It’s not as flashy as the Mattycollector one (that one had lots more visual effects, sounds and telescoping barrel), but it’s decent enough. One of the complaints was that this is actually 30% smaller than the official props from the movies, but it’s still big enough to be impressive. Some fans have even taken it a step further and customized their Proton Packs with even more light effects and decos. Pretty amazing work.


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