Storm Collectibles King of Fighters Kyo Kusanagi

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Storm Collectibles King of Fighters Kyo Kusanagi

The main protagonist of the KOF series, Kyo Kusanagi is a cocky, delinquent high school student who is the heir of the Kusanagi clan. His clan can control flames and is tasked with safeguarding the seal for the legendary snake entity, Orochi.

As this is my first Storm Collectibles figure, I have to admit I am very impressed with what they’ve done. The use of soft PVC parts for jackets and armbands is really good, it adds a whole level of quality to the figure.

The figure is pretty tall, stands around 7.25 inches in height.

Kyo comes with extra heads for his various expressions.

His bangs is swappable between the heads.

Kyo also comes with an alternate jacket to emphasize movement when he’s doing his attacks. You will have to remove the arms from the shoulders first to take off the default jacket though, but it’s easy to do.

Kyo also comes with parts to form Omega Rugal’s Gravity Smash. The effect is impressively large! You’ll need to get the other parts from Iori, Terry and Omega Rugal to complete the effect

Display stand

The display stand comes with extra attachments to plug into various things, do note that the pegs have different MM sizes per opposite end.

Probably the best gripping attachment I’ve ever seen, this one has miniature ratchets to help support the grip! Very clever.

114 Shiki: Ara Kami

Flame effects parts are included for Kyo.

100 Shiki Oni Yaki

Flame effects are clipped onto his forearm.

707 Shiki Kooma Ho Furi

Ura 108 Shiki Orochi Nagi

The set comes with an effects part to simulate Kyo’s Desperation move, but it’s insanely difficult to plug into the display base! Basically like threading a needle, I couldn’t get the plug to fit in.

In the end, I settled to just let it “sit” on the arm, it works to a degree, just to get the picture done.

Kyo comes with a background based on his stage from King of Fighters ’98. The background measures roughly 10.5 x 19 inches in dimension.

Overall, a very impressive figure! Beautiful finish and detail! You can really see the quality on these figures. Considering how much Bandai is charging for their S.H. Figuarts nowadays, these things are well worth what we pay for.

The only downside is that I’m not too crazy about 7-inch scales. I would like to complete all of the KOF figures and even the Storm Collectibles Street Fighter figures but I really don’t think I can handle starting another collection figure line to collect at the moment, so most likely I will just grab Kyo and Iori just to have representations for the King of Fighters line.


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