Super Mini-pla GGG Mic Sounders the 13th and Volfogg

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Super Mini-pla GGG Mic Sounders the 13th and Volfogg


The GGG Intelligence Division’s Super A.I. robot, Volfogg. Volfogg’s primary function is surveillance and reconnaissance and to protect special agent Mamoru.

His special attack is the “Melting Siren”, capable of disrupting Zonder protection fields.

He can throw his boomerang shurikens, called “Silver Moons”.

He can also combine his shurikens to form a larger one, called “Silver Cross”

Transforming him into his police car mode requires parts swapping.

Do note that his wheels don’t roll.

Volfogg stands roughly 3.5 inches tall (the same size as his Super Robot Chogokin counterpart).

Mic Sounders the 13th

Built by NASA, Mic first appears as a silly looking robot, until he manages to “System Change” into his full form.

While Mic comes with various stickers for different expressions, you only get 2 plates to put them on.

Mic stands roughly 2.5 inches tall.

Full Form Mic Sounders the 13th

In his full form, Mic can use various music frequencies to launch attacks or even heal allies and generate protective shields.

Make sure to use the spare “flatter” face plate, so that Mic’s torso will fit flush, otherwise, there will be a gap in his mid-section if you use his default face.

In full form, Mic stands roughly 4.75 inches tall.

Mic comes with an alternate “singing” head.

Chest plate opens up so you can slap in a disc.

Baribarien/ Studio 7 platform

Baribarien is packaged/ sold separately from Mic in this Super Minipla wave.

When flipping over the Baribarien into Studio 7 mode, remember to switch out the red wings for the clear green pieces for show accuracy.

Just like in the Anime, the Studio 7 launches a Disc for Mic to use.

You can eject the disc by pushing down on the large yellow bar on the side of the stage.

The Baribarien set comes with discs P and M, while Mic comes with Disc X.

Mic’s flying V keytar, the GiraGiran VV and microphones, the DokaDokan V, are included with the Baribarien set. Mic doesn’t have any accessories with him from his kit except for Disc X.

To get him to hold his GiraGiran VV, you have to snag it onto his left hand.

It’s a shame we never really got a Super Robot Chogokin “full form” Mic Sounders the 13th, so I guess fans have to settle for this Super Minipla set. Fortunately, the scale fits somewhat well with the SRCs. Unfortunately, my model kit assembling skills are really bad. Sigh..


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