Super Minipla King J-Der

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Super Minipla King J-Der

Box is big, measures 15.5 x 12.5 x 4.75 inches.


Also known as “The Disaster Left by Abel”, this and the other J-Ark (piloted by Soldat-J 019 in the GGG Manga) are the only survivors of the original Ark Armada created by the Red Planet to stop the Zondarians. The Model kit also comes with a miniture Tomoro living computer for you to plug into the “core” of the King J-Der.

The J-Ark spans roughly a foot long.

Bridge and Anti-Meson Cannons.

The J-Ark’s bridge and Anti-Meson Cannons “plug out” nto J-Bird/ J-der.

It’s a shame the kit doesn’t come with any flight stands, without them the J-Ark doesn’t seem so imposing “grounded”.


J-Der is a bit taller than the Super Minipla Gaogaigar. Both stand roughly 5.5 inches tall.

He’s a bit lighter than GGG though (87 Grams vs 96 Grams).

J-Der comes with Plasma Wing attachments.

He also comes with dual Plasma Swords.

J-Der can also merge with the J-Ark in robot mode, forming the J-Rider (forgot to take a pic of this).

Mega Fusion!

One of the biggest issues the original Takara Toy had was the oversized head on King J-Der, the only obvious fix was to provide an alternate, more proportional head.

King J-Der, one of the surviving J-Arks from the Red Planet which became Zonderized. King J-Der is the result of fusion between Soldat-J 002 and the J-Ark, and can only fully operate when it’s living computer, Tomoro, is functional (it’s loss resulted in Soldat-J 002 becoming Zonderized).

King J-Der stands roughly 11 inches tall and weighs 489 Grams. Not bad for an all-plastic model kit.

He just towers over the Super Minipla Gaogaigar now.

Maser Cannons fingers

Impressively, they allocated the option to open and close King J-Der’s mouth into the kit’s design.

King J-Der of course comes with his most destructive weapon, the J-Quath. The J-Quath works via the Generating Armor system (an energy-based force field that uses repelling plasma energy too protect King J-Der but applied in attack form), too bad they didn’t include an energy effect for when the J-Quath is active.

Also included is a Zonder core. You can attach the Zonder core accessory onto the J-Quath.

Overall, I love it, it’s great to finally own a poseable King J-Der (even if you have to build it yourself), the only real downside is that the kit is a Premium Bandai webshop exclusive and that means it costs a bit more to get. I didn’t have time to try it but it should go well with the SRC Gaogaigar figures (my real goal for getting this kit) seeing as how the Super Minipla GGG is roughly the same height as the SRC Gaogaigar toy.

Funfact: In the manga story “Wings of Light and Darkness”, there was another J-Ark survivor apart from King J-Der, Soldat-J019, he gave up his J-Jewel for a Zonder Metal and joined the 31 Primevals. He sacrificed himself to save Arma at the end of the story.


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